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Motivational Monday: Get In to Win the SuperPrize

“I’m so glad it’s Monday!” Said no one, ever. Mondays can be hard. Finding the motivation to scale your weekly To Do List can seem harder than climbing Mount Everest.

Even getting in to WIN $1,000 A Day For Life might seem like too much to handle right now. Sure, you can clearly imagine what it would be like to open your front door and (gasp) find The Prize Patrol STANDING THERE – ready to deliver the Big Check to YOU! That’s the dream, anyway.

But here’s something you should know. Getting in to WIN our SuperPrize is super easy – so when you feel like it’s not worth trying – OF COURSE IT IS!

Our PCH Winners were once where you are today – and they have a lot to say about never giving up: both this blog and this blog.

Remember, there are lots of great ways to shoot for the SuperPrize:

• Enter early and often. Don’t let a single opportunity to WIN pass you by!!! In fact, you could make a plan to enter every day – and why not? It’s fast, FREE, and easy – and the more shots to win that you claim, the better!
• Go to PCHgames and play, play, play! You’ll score a SHOT TO WIN $1,000.00 a Day For Life after your first gameplay! Plus, you can score unlimited opportunities at instant cash, score a ton of tokens, and more!
• Conduct your daily searches at PCHsearch&win. You’ll get the info you need FAST, score entries to win MILLIONS, and be in the running for instant cash prizes!
• Head on over to to get in to WIN the SuperPrize, score instant cash, and more!

Make a plan to get in to WIN, never give up, keep going – and discover all of the fun, fast, and FREE ways to GET IN TO WIN every single day.

Good luck!

Maria S.
PCH Online Creative

PS – We’ll soon be taking a special early look to see if the matching winning number has been returned on time. If not, we’ll award a $1,000,000.00 base prize in a second chance random drawing at giveaway end. Now’s the time to get in your entries. I hope you’re motivated to win BIG!

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