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Dreams Do Come True At PCH: So Many PCH Winners!

On June 30th I had the pleasure of surprising Missourians Tim Roush and family with a Big Check for $10,000.  Tim is a high school history teacher; his wife Donna is also an educator, and it sure makes us happy to honor public servants who do so much for our nation’s youth.

Freshly encouraged Tim will keep on entering.  As I told him, “You’ve won once! You can win again – an even Bigger Check!”

And that brings me to the “bigger” surprise visit we made last Wednesday — to David Rodriguez in Florida.

Originally from New York City, David is retired and a father of two grown sons.  He enters the PCH Sweepstakes virtually every day and has earned Red Diamond Status and hundreds of millions of PCH Tokens. He particularly enjoys PCH Search & Win and PCH Lotto. 

You’d think that with all those entries David would be an optimistic guy.  Well …  he believed that the PCH Sweepstakes was real but never expected us to knock on his door.  So he was totally shocked, even misty-eyed, when the Prize Patrol arrived with roses, champagne and a Big Check for $54,510!  (Sorry, no balloons. They were grabbed by a wind gust and flew off toward Georgia.)  David’s prize gave him the option of a brand new Ford Edge ST or its cash value.  While a set of automotive wheels is high on his list — so he doesn’t have to rely on his old two-wheeler bike — he decided to take the cash and put it right in the bank.

So take heart all you PCH fans!  As our old ad jingle used to sing, “Miracles can happen, can happen for you: Publishers Clearing House, The House Where Dreams Come True.”

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Kickin’ off the week with some excitement! The PCH Prize Patrol is going to be on The View this week with some “Big Checks” on hand. Tune in, starting today, to catch the crew with a few of your favorite daytime ladies. Check your local listings to watch all the excitement – you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. 1111 solo es el vien el propósito de dios pch grasias dios los bendiga oro por ustedes mi espíritu dansa de alegría.

  2. Yes, a Dream come True for myself. I want to win so bad I play all day with computer troubles and my IPAD stops working. Over heated so it’s on a cold jell pack and am playing what ever PCH has to offer for me. I have so much fun playing and laughing when one of the other game players states. Dorothy player over at this game he calling BINGO tonight. I need to go but, between the to computer or IPad. I play what PCH is the best to make the bonus tokens, I Love this Company, It’s free I just hope we still have free games after the June 30.

  3. If I’m the winner then thank you it, could not have come at a better time but it’s only letting me do the same thing over and over so I’m a little lost, thank you.

  4. I want to wish everyone luck on playing and to never give up on yourself. I’ve never given up playing. I just hope I am picked to be the winner of the $1,000,000.00. Good luck gamers!

  5. My dream really can come true, the $1,000,000.00 win so I can find a place of my own and get my life back to where I want it – hopefully better than it was.