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Who Will Win the $1,000,000 PCHLotto Power Prize AND a Ford® Edge from Publishers Clearing House Today?

Wasn’t it just 10 days ago that we announced the winner of our $1,000,000 PCH SuperPrize?

Well, fans and friends, hold on to your hats … because today, July 10th, PCH is awarding not one, but TWO very special prizes! And the best part of all is, you get to follow the intriguing “clues from the road” for EACH of these giveaways!

Who Won the $1 Million Lotto PCH PowerPrize?

Another lucky person out there is about to become a Publishers Clearing House millionaire! Howie Guja, from the PCH Prize Patrol is about to award someone one million dollars for playing the PCHlotto Power Prize Card. And here are your clues …

12:00 AM – Clue #1: The winner’s state has more than 40 counties.

9:00 AM – Clue #2: The state flower of the winner’s state comes in many colors.

11:00 AM – Clue #3: The winner’s state is the #2 apple producing state in the USA.

1:00 PM – Clue #4: The father of the governor of the winner’s state was also the governor of the winner’s state.

We have our $1 Million winner! CONGRATULATIONS to Uma Gwaltney of Clarence, NY, who won the $1,000,000.00 PCH Power Prize! Uma wasn’t home at first, but the Prize Patrol was able to convince her husband to get her home as soon as possible! At first, the couple was stunned, but after it sank in, they were absolutely elated that they were PCH winners! Uma plans to use some of the money to pay off debt and put some away for her son’s college. We’re so happy for Uma and her family!

Who Won the Ford® Edge from Publishers Clearing House Today?

While Howie is on the road awarding $1 Million, Dave Sayer is on the road today as well – and he’s awarding a brand-new car!

But this is not just any new car – it’s a 2019 Ford Edge Sport ST, valued at $54,510! This SUV’s got power, it’s got style, it’s got creature comforts galore – and it’s guaranteed to be awarded TODAY!

I hope you were busy at the PCHrewards Token Exchange, redeeming your PCH tokens for a shot at winning this glorious vehicle. If you were in it to win it, you could be parking this beauty in YOUR driveway or on your street, and proudly telling your neighbors, “Yeah, that’s mine!”

So, where is Dave going to be today?  Simply follow these “clues from the road”!

Fans and friends, start your engines … and let’s go!

12:00 AM – Clue #1: The winner’s state entered the union over 150 years ago.  

9:00 AM – Clue #2: The winner’s state flower is white.

11:00 AM – Clue #3: The name of the winner’s state capital is a Native American word.

1:00 PM – Clue #4: The former governor of the winner’s state is the brother of a former president of the United States.

CONGRATULATIONS to David Rodriguez of Deerfield Beach, FL, who won the Ford Edge valued at $54,510 from Publishers Clearing House! He was overwhelmed and teary-eyed that he was a PCH winner. His advice to people who have not won yet?…”KEEP THE FAITH!”

Yup, TWO MORE happy PCH winners to add to our growing winners’ list! My fellow blog writer Tina was right: July is a great month for PCH, with lots of winning moments just waiting to happen!

And the winning moments just keep going on … and on … and on! So, be sure to enter every day in every way possible!

Good luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I owe an apology to PCH s legitimate people. I ‘m not exactly sure who is legit anymore, but for those I didn’t believe in, I’m sorry. Sincerely LaDonna

  2. #3 #21234 HOWIE I would like to win the $1,000,000.00 power prize, and DAVE and a ford edge st. from Publishers Clearing House, valued at $50,510 in just few weeks away on August 31/2023. Good morning PCH HOWIE and DAVE have a great day!

  3. Why can’t I win anything from this
    I’ve been playing the PCH Sweepstakes for over 20+ years.
    I enter most every contest daily and I never win.
    I need a car, badly. Please ? ??

    1. Hello James! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact our customer service representatives at between Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11 PM & Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. PCH Search & Win: Department of contest official confirmation $5,000 a week forever event winner to be selected and just hours! It is CONFIRMED OUR AUGUST 31 WINNER SELECTION PROCESS WILL BE FINALIZED TODAY! I AM “IN IT TO WIN IT”! ( 5× Entries to win the prize funds upon full search completion! I want to Win A Ford Edge St and just weeks I take the cash $47,470.00 Prize Funds)

  5. PRIZE Information 9 buttons wins 3 Prizes that are Atstake! YES I Want TO WIN A (4-6)FORD EDGE ST $47,470.00 FROM Gwy.No.19009 with 3 chances to win it!(1-3) 3 chances to win $5,000 A WEEK “FOREVER” Gwy.No.19500 and (7-9) 3 chances to win $12,000.00 Gwy.No.19589. I AM “IN IT TO WIN IT” #KNOCKKNOCK

  6. It is wonderful that PCH gives nice prizes to people who won the prizes. It gives the world to look forward to something very special in states. No one knows not until it is shown on National T.V.News. or given to the winners.
    I have been playing PCH games about two years. I hope I will win the next go around.