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Winner Wednesday: If You’re a PCH Winner, You Can Be the Boss!

Hello once again, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday!

Once again, I’ve referred to PCHSearch&Win to see what interesting holiday or observance happens today, and I’ve discovered that today, October 16th, is National Boss’ Day!

National Boss’ Day is a time for many workers to appreciate their employers, to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. Here at PCH, I am fortunate to have a very kind and fair boss, none other than my follow blog writer Jane! Jane is a good person to write PCH’s “Motivational Monday” blogs because she happens to be a motivational boss!

I bet that many of our PCH winners – whether they’ve won a major SuperPrize or a smaller PCH prize like $10, $25 or $100 – felt like the boss when they won! To many, winning a PCH prize means managing their lives more easily and controlling their destinies (and the destinies of others) like never before. But don’t take it from me … let’s hear how 7 winners of smaller PCH prizes planned to spend their winnings:

Lisa T., who won $100, writes, “I plan on giving some to my church. Then I want to put some in my purse in case I’m ever at the grocery store and someone needs money to buy groceries. A few weeks ago, a lady had to put back some of her groceries and I could not help her. It was just $30 she needed. I was just buying one item. Next time I will have extra to help out.” Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful sentiment!

Alan H., who won $100 from PCH, says he will use the money to “take my wife out to dinner.”

Diane W., who won $100, tells us “I will probably pay a bill and donate to a non-profit organization.” Imagine having some extra cash to help others!

Shawn B., who also won $100, writes, “I need to make a payment on my vet bill. Pets first in my house.”

Devon M., a $25 PCH winner, tells us the money will go toward “A movie with some popcorn and soda.”

“Buy more gifts!!!!!!!!!!” says Jim E., who won a $25 PCH prize (and yes, Jim used 10 exclamation points, so I think he’s excited to have won.)

Last but not least, Nathan N., who won $500 from Publishers Clearing House, tells us, “All my prize money will be spent on my daughter … toys … summer clothes … shoes, plus I’ve got to get her a winter coat for December.”

Talk about PCH winners making some BOSS MOVES! And to become a PCH winner, here’s your job description: “Enter every day in every way you can!” Take charge now!

Happy National Boss’ Day … and best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Comment below if you have something nice to say about your boss!

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