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#Winner Wednesday: Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

Greetings once again, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday!
As I sometimes like to do when writing these blogs, I’ve taken a look at PCHSearch&Win to see if today, October 2nd, is special in any way. And I found that today is none other than Guardian Angel Day!

Do you believe in guardian angels? Do you believe in miracles? If you recall the old Publishers Clearing House theme song, you’ll remember these lyrics: “Miracles can happen/can happen to you/Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.”

I’ll reckon that many of our PCH winners – whether they’ve won a major SuperPrize or a smaller PCH prize like $10, $25 or $100 – believe in guardian angels and in miracles. In fact, here’s what 5 winners of smaller PCH prizes have to say:

Maria G., who won $20 from PCH, comments, “Finally, I won something at PCH, after years of playing constantly.” Maria says it would “be a miracle to be upgraded” to win a lifetime prize.

Sheila B., who also won $20, tells us she loves PCH because “they give you a chance to win. For me to win would be a miracle that is needed for my family.”

CarMile W., who won $50, advises all of you to “keep entering every way, all day, every day.” She appreciates the fact that Publishers Clearing House “helps miracles come true.”

“This is a blessing at this time in my life,” says Donald M., the winner of $500 from Publishers Clearing House. His advice to you all is simple: “Grab that mouse and play … play … play.”

Last but not least, Gabe N., who won $100, comments, “It felt like a blessing. What I love about Publishers Clearing House is how often the Prize Patrol travels, giving away and blessing other people with lots of money!”

So, fans and friends, whether you believe in guardian angels, miracles and blessings … or the power of persistence, positive attitude and patience, the only way to possibly win a “heavenly” PCH prize is to – say it with me now – enter to win every day in every way!

Best of luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize of any amount, let us know in the comments below!

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