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#WinnerWednesday: Why PCH Winners Are Like Cheeseburgers!

Greetings, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday! Now, you may be wondering about the strange title of this blog … and at the same time, salivating over the picture of that yummy cheeseburger. That’s because it’s not just #WinnerWednesday, the day when we celebrate – both on the PCHblog and on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook – PCH winners of smaller prizes. Today, September 18th is also National Cheeseburger Day! (I learned this fun fact while searching at PCHSearch&Win – have you searched there lately?)

This got me thinking about how much winners of PCH prizes are like cheeseburgers. Hear me out, folks:
• Cheeseburgers are traditionally served on buns. Buns are filled with dough. So are PCH winners – whether that “dough” is $5, $100, $1,000, or even our millionaire-making SuperPrizes.
• Cheeseburgers come in all shapes and sizes. You can get round cheeseburgers and square cheeseburgers, huge triple-decker cheeseburgers and small bite-size sliders. And from rare to well done, you can have your burger cooked any way you like. Plus, the variety of cheeseburger toppings are endless. Likewise, PCH prize winners also come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re as different as different can be!
• Craving a juicy, ooey, gooey cheeseburger can become an obsession. I’ll bet many of you at one time or other have had a hankering for a cheeseburger – or if you don’t eat cheeseburgers, some other edible guilty pleasure. And I’m sure that many of our PCH prize winners are obsessed with playing those fun, free, fabulous PCH games. After all, our fans are in it to win it!

With that said, let’s meet 5 winners of smaller PCH prizes who have no “beef” that they entered to win!

Leona A., who won $100 from PCH, says, “I was very surprised that I won. I’ve been entering for over a year but never won anything. I’m very happy to finally win.” We’re happy you won, too, Leona … congratulations!

Teresa H., who won $20, tells us, “I was very excited. I play every day and it’s definitely exciting to win. Thank you, PCH.” Her advice to all you fans is this: “Just try it. You never know what can happen.”

Deborah L., who won $100, writes, “Thank God. I feel like someone has heard my prayers.” She adds, “Perseverance pays off. It’s not a matter of if we win, it’s a matter of when. Thank you. Every dollar helps these days.”

“Stick with it,” says Sherri M., who used her $25 PCH prize to treat herself and a friend to a celebratory meal. The reason she sticks with PCH is that “there are a variety of ways to play.”

Last but not least, Daniel B., who won $100, comments, “Oh, my word, I am overwhelmed with joy. Thank you so very much, PCH, all of you rock!”
So, fans and friends, whether you like a hamburger topped with cheddar cheese and all the fixings, or a veggie burger with Swiss cheese – or even if cheeseburgers are not your thing – you’ll all agree that to satisfy your hunger for a PCH prize, all you need to do is enter to win every day in every way. Because the best treat of all is becoming a PCH prize winner!

Best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Did you know that PCH Prize Patrol member Howie Guja really likes cheeseburgers? If the Prize Patrol came to your town, where would you send them for an awesome cheeseburger?

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