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#WinnerWednesday: Another “Hop to the Bank” for a PCH Winner!

Greetings, fans and fans, and Happy #WinnerWednesday!

Do you remember Dee? Pictured above, Dee has been featured in two #WinnerWednesday blogs – first in May, when she won a $5 and a $100 PCH prize, and then in June, when she won $150!

Then, just yesterday, Dee let us know that she made “another hop to the bank,” excitedly announcing that she had won another $10 from Publishers Clearing House!

While enjoying PCH’s fun, free and fabulous games, Dee certainly enjoys racking up those tokens. “I have over 400,000,000 tokens and I put all my tokens on vehicles; keeping my fingers crossed for that [2019 Lincoln] Nautilus!” she writes.

Like so many of you, Dee is certainly “in it to win it” … and let’s meet some more happy folks who can proudly proclaim, “I am a PCH winner”!

Beth H., who won $100 from PCH, says, “I have been playing at this for years and until now, I was actually one who didn’t believe there were real winners.” Well, now you’re one of them, Beth … congratulations!

Gwendolyn H., who won $100, tells us, “At first I didn’t believe it. When I saw it was true, I was surprised and happy.” Gwendolyn adds, “I just love passing the time playing the games and competing with my husband to see who can have the most tokens.”

Randy L., who won $50, writes, “I am happy to hear that I am a PCH winner. I do see on TV that people win money. I am lucky to say I won something that I put dedication toward. Believe me, PCH is real.”

Last but not least, Harvey A., who won $118.79, comments, “Being a longtime PCH participant for over 23 years, I have yet to win the big prize. But you know what they say: You have to play to win. I plan to play until I win a SuperPrize from PCH!”

Fans and friends, would you like to “hop to the bank” with a check from Publishers Clearing House made out in your name? Then “hop to it” and take a tip from these real PCH winnersenter every day in every way. And perhaps someday soon I’ll be writing about YOU on the PCH Blog!

Best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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