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Winning Would Change My Life Because ________________

It is no secret; we’ve heard it many times before! Winning a PCH SuperPrize could change your life.

But don’t just take my word for it, see what the people who have actually won have to say about the new path their lives took.

Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner Diane Jehanian.
Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner Diane Jehanian.

In her interview with Matt “The Stat Man” Kelly, Diane says “[Our winnings] make a great retirement nest egg. My husband is actually retired, but when I join him in a few years it’ll be great to depend on.” Diane now has no worries about retirement. Winning the PCH SuperPrize also allowed Diane’s retired husband to buy a ’57 Chevy, which she says keeps him busy. Greg first owned a ’57 Chevy back when he was sixteen, and he and Diane rode in it during their first date! Winning did not only change Diane’s life, but it added to her beautiful love story.

$2,500.00 A Week Forever SuperPrize Winner, Douglas Butcher.
$2,500.00 A Week Forever SuperPrize Winner, Douglas Butcher.

Douglas’s story is truly one of faith. Before the Prize Patrol even showed up, he knew that something big was going to turn his life around. When Douglas received his Big Check, he explained that he had fallen on some hard times and was renting a space in a house. Douglas’s prize changed his life because it would allow him to own a home of his own. He explains, “Before moving here, I was living in a motel for a while. But that got too expensive. Now I’d love to buy a nice modest home of my own.” A house was not the first thing Douglas bought though. He first bought himself 3 pounds of chocolate. What a big sweet tooth! Chocolate really does make things seem better, and having a PCH “Forever” Prize to buy that chocolate must be grand!

$2,500,00.00 MegaPrize Winner, Carol Guiles.
$2,500,00.00 MegaPrize Winner, Carol Guiles.

Carol Guiles wasn’t interested in splurging her new found money, but her life did change. She became much more secure as she had less of a financial burden. She said, “We’re living our life, just a little bit easier. We can meet our bills. We don’t have to worry about making the mortgage payment; all the bills are paid on time. We do plan on doing some remodeling, some work definitely needs to be done.” Carol spent her money wisely so that she can help out her children and grandchildren.

Winning a PCH Big Check could change someone’s life in incredible ways. Imagine paying off all your bills, buying a new home or vehicle, and supporting other family members.

How would your life change if you won a PCH SuperPrize?

Let me know in the comment section below using the phrase “winning would change my life because…”

Your girl,
T. Garcia
PCH Creative Intern

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  1. Winning The PCH for life would change my life, and turn my life around for the good. I lost everything when COVID-19 started, first my job, second my house, third my kids, fourth my car.

    Then unfortunately I actually was another survivor of the COVID.

    I was in the hospital for 93 days. In the ICU for 52 of the days.

    I lost my best friend, my aunt, my uncle due to COVID, but then my only grandma passed away due to Cancer and winning would let me at least get my kids, my house, and everything else I need help with.

  2. Winning would change my life because I lost my home during divorce proceedings and the San Diego real estate market is impossible on a single income. Winning would enable me to buy a home, and help my two children with down payments to purchase their own condos as well. Security of owning a home is a privilege that many don’t have right now.