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What Do PCH Winners and Chocolate Chips Have in Common?

Happy #WinnerWednesday and Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

Yes, you read correctly … in the world of fascinating and offbeat holidays and observances, May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day. And whether you like your chocolate chips straight from the bag or baked into cookies, you’ve got to admit they add a special sweetness to life.

It’s the kind of sweetness winning a small prize from PCH brings to our winners! Just as a tiny chocolate chip turns an ordinary cookie into a taste sensation, winning a small PCH prize – even $10 – can make a sensational difference in someone’s life.

Just read what these PCH winners have to say!

Delayne P. (who likes to be known as “Dee”) recently sent us an email entitled “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” and the message “Straight to the bank with my winning check today. Thank you, PCH.”

Dee, who won $100, has been entering the PCH Sweeps for years. She also won a $5 prize from PCH in February – no wonder she’s smiling! She knows that even if it’s not the grand prize, winning a small prize can be exciting, especially when the winning is absolutely FREE at PCH! Congratulations, Dee, and keep the faith!

Luann C. comments on the blog that she was very happy and thankful for winning $10 from PCH. “I can spend it just as carefully as a million,” she said. “Any amount always helps, I do know that. Thank you, PCH.”

Tanya M. tells us she’s been entering to win for 15 years and won $100 back in 2012. “I’m still in it to win it,” she says. “Thanks for all the dreams y’all make come true!”

On winning $100 Tanya, who is a PCH VIP Elite, says, “This was such a surprise and I really needed it. I had just lost my job and needed money to pay my water bill. So, thanks PCH, for coming through to my rescue. I dream of winning big one day. I’ve even dreamed Danielle came to my house and awarded me, and then we went out to celebrate, lol. Praying I’m next to be the SUPERPRIZE WINNER!”

Last but not least, Dianne W., who won two small prizes from Publishers Clearing House – one for $10 and one for $20 – says, “I retired about a year ago and have been playing from the time I get up in the morning until around 11pm CST.”

Dianne continues, “I enter on as many sites and as many ways as possible. I am not giving up. I believe that my persistence entering PCH Sweepstakes and playing PCH games will one day pay off and I will win the SuperPrize. A visit by the PrizePatrol and Lucky the Big Check would really change my life. It would let me live my life on my terms.”

Well, fans and friends, there you have it – four lucky PCH prize winners who all had something small and sweet make their lives more delicious – just like chocolate chips!

You, too, could win a PCH prize just like Dee, Luann, Tanya and Dianne – all you need to do is enter, enter, enter!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Have you won a PCH prize in any amount? Comment below and let us know about it! I might put your “winning moment” on the PCH Blog!

P.P.S. As long as we’re talking about chocolate chips, do you prefer your chocolate chip cookies soft or crunchy? I’ll begin … I like mine crunchy.

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