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#WinnerWednesday: PCH Prize Winners Are Bustin’ Out All Over!

With this being my first #WinnerWednesday blog for the month of June, Happy June, PCH fans and friends! It’s time once again to celebrate PCH winners of smaller prizes!

As the line from the musical Carousel goes, “June is bustin’ out all over” … and it truly is! The roses are in bloom, those flip-flops are flippin’ and floppin’ once more, and the backyard barbecues are firing up!

And, as they do month after month after month, lucky folks from coast to coast are winning PCH prizes. I’m talking about winners of $10, $25 and $100, as well as gift cards to popular stores. Winners who’ve kept the faith. Winners who’ve believed that persistence could pay off. Winners just like these happy fans right here:

Last month, I introduced you to Delayne P. (“Dee”) who won a $5 PCH prize and then a $100 PCH prize. Well, guess what? Dee contacted me again in an email entitled “OMG! Blessed Today” with the news that she won $150, and the picture you see above. Congratulations, Dee! Talk about a winning streak!

Sheniqua L. comments on the PCH Blog that she’s won $10 since entering the PCH Sweeps. “I see that winning as foreshadowing of a bigger check to come!” she says. “I’ve been entering the many PCH sweeps since January of this year. I saw a commercial on TV and remembered that my mom used to enter the sweepstakes via the mail when I was a small child but had stopped after a while. Once I learned I could enter online for free, I made an account and never looked back!”

Sheniqua continues, “I enter the sweeps daily on, the PCH app, PCH Front Page, PCH Search and Win, and PCH lotto. I follow PCH on Twitter and Facebook as well, and I also make sure to check my emails daily for additional opportunities. I KNOW that I’m going to win big one day from PCH! I’m consistent and confident that my hard, loyal work will pay off! #ImInItToWinIt”

Brianna M. (yup, that’s her $10 check above) writes that she loves to enter to win via PCHlotto, PCHSearch&Win, PCH games and more. “I started in April 2013,” she tells us. “My mom told me and my sisters about it and we were hooked ever since. I even remember I was sick with the flu and my kids made sure I entered. We always ask each other how we are going to react. My 9-year-old and I stayed up one night until 4 AM watching PCH videos on YouTube.”

Brianna was very happy to receive her PCH prize, writing “I already knew that PCH was real and gives out real checks, but that $10 check felt like a million dollars. Thank you, PCH.”

Last but not least, Linda B. writes on the PCH Blog, “Believe it or not, I won $10.00 early this spring and $50.00 on May 11th.” Linda started playing in March 2016 and at first, she was “just playing around” but then started “getting serious” over a year ago. And although she was at first skeptical, she does believe she will win BIG someday.

Yes, PCH winners are bustin’ out all over … and they’re also bustin’ with joy … because there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve won a prize from Publishers Clearing House, “the house where dreams come true”!

Have YOU won a PCH prize? Would YOU like to appear in a future #WinnerWednesday blog and give hope to thousands upon thousands of our readers? Then comment below! I just might contact you and ask you to appear in a future blog post!

And if you haven’t yet won a PCH Prize, comment below and let everyone know that you’re in it to win it!

Good Luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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