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You Don’t Have to Put a Pillow on Your Fridge to Become a PCH Winner!

Happy #Winner Wednesday and Happy “PUT A PILLOW ON YOUR FRIDGE DAY”!

Yes, this is a “thing” – thanks to some searching I did on PCHSearch&Win, I discovered that today, May 29th, is “Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day”!

Now, why anyone would want to put a pillow on their refrigerator is beyond me – heck, I’m too short to even clean up there! But according to good ol’ PCHSearch&Win, I found out that this odd observance is celebrated on the 29th of May each year in the USA and in Europe. The day is all about prosperity, good fortune, and having a bit of fun along the way.

Back in the early 1900s, families would take a piece of cloth from their bedroom and put it in their larder – an old-fashioned word for “pantry” and the place where the lard was kept  – believing it would provide the possibility of plentiful food and rich fertility to their household. As larders were replaced with electric refrigerators, people began putting pillows on top in hopes of prosperity. With the rise of social media, the idea of putting a pillow on top of the fridge became even more popular.

However, fans and friends, if you are looking for prosperity, good fortune and a little bit of fun along the way, I suggest entering the PCH Sweeps! You don’t have to put a pillow on your fridge to become a PCH winner. Just ask these happy folks who won small prizes from Publishers Clearing House:

James D. (pictured here with one of his many cousins) comments on the PCH Blog, “I won $10 a couple of years ago and look forward to winning more!”

James has been entering and playing the PCH Sweepstakes for seven years. He enjoys entering via PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames, PCHlotto, and now the PCH App for Android – and he’s keeping the faith that someday he’ll win BIG. “On behalf of the people I know in my life, I thank you for letting me be a part of the PCH family,” says James.  

Debbie F. tells us, “I was so excited when I won $20 from PCH. I treated myself to lunch.” Debbie, who lives in Savannah, GA, has been entering the PCH Sweeps since 2002. A PCH VIP, she plays PCHlotto, PCHkeno and PCHblackjack daily, to name just a few of our exciting ways to enter to win. “Looking forward to winning a SuperPrize … in it to win it,” she adds.

Lisa Ann T. wrote on the PCH Blog that watching PCH’s TV commercials reminded her of when she was a young girl – her grandpa would tease her grandma about entering the PCH Sweeps, calling it “a waste of time.” That said, Lisa, in need of good luck and feeling positive, downloaded the PCH App onto her phone and won $10!

“This is a great feeling, knowing that I finally won something in my life,” Lisa says. “Yes, I’ll keep playing until I get blessed with the jackpot. Thanks, PCH.”

Samantha D. also has a “grandma” story to share: “My grandma started entering PCH when it first started; my dad and my four aunts have been entering for forty years now, never winning. Myself being 32, mom to six, and having very little income, figured, why not start? My children, especially my 9-year-old have a ton of faith in us winning since I enter every day. The [last time the SuperPrize was awarded], he got off the school bus running up asking if we were gonna be millionaires. I said ‘not this time’ and we laughed. A few days later when a check for ten dollars came in the mail, I couldn’t even explain to you the amount of joy it brought! I know it was just $10 but it helped a lot. We’re definitely in it to win it!”

You see, fans and friends, these lucky folks didn’t have to put pillows on their fridges to become PCH winners. All they did was enter!

You, too, could win a PCH prize just like James, Debbie, Lisa Ann and Samantha – just remain positive, be persistent, have patience and above all …

… stay in it to win it!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Have you won a PCH prize in any amount? Comment below and let us know about it! I might put your “winning moment” on the PCH Blog!

P.P.S. You might not put a pillow on your fridge, but do you do have a special good luck routine – like carrying a lucky charm or wearing lucky socks? Tell us in the comments!

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