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Attention students and parents of students – PCH has something just for you! It’s our $10,000.00 Cash for School sweeps, and time is running out!

Have you seen this particular sweepstakes yet? Well, it’s a good one, because all students and parents of students know how expensive school can be. An extra $10 Grand would sure come in handy. You could help pay college tuition, college loans and other pesky school costs for yourself or a loved one!

How many of you out there are struggling with school bills? In the US, two-year colleges alone can be thousands and thousands of dollars – and private schools even more! $10,000.00 Cash could help take the sting out of some of those fees, don’t you think?

Win $10,000.00 Cash for School

Have you entered yet? If you have, FANTASTIC! If not, and you have school debt, which can be astronomical, I suggest you enter immediately. And when I say immediately, I mean it because the bell will be ringing soon, as the last day to enter is June 15, which is only days from now!

Even better – on June 20, the Prize Patrol will be delivering the $10K Cash for School prize in person! It’s always fun to get that unexpected but extremely incredible shock of a lifetime!

Time Is Running Out for $10K Cash for School

If you click on the highlighted text in the first paragraph, or in this paragraph, you’ll go straight to our $10,000.00 Cash for School sweeps page – no navigating. Entering is as easy as ABC! You could be contributing toward your school bills, school debt, college tuition, and college loans in no time! But you don’t have to be going to school to enter to win. This sweeps is open to all of you fans out there who are in it to win it! The $10,000.00 cash prize can be used for anything you wish! Just remember that TIME IS RUNNING OUT! There are only a few days left to get in to win – so best to enter now! Good luck, everyone!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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