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How Would You Go Green If You Won For Life from PCH?

Have you been hoping to make renovations to your home to go green, but don’t have the funds to make the home renovations you’ve dreamt about possible for you and your family? Well, then, we have some good news for you! If you win for life from PCH Sweepstakes, you could finally go green and make the updates to your home that you have been hoping for!

We’re wondering, how would you go green if you won for life from PCH sweepstakes? There are so many wonderful ways you could improve your home by going green, and receiving weekly funds for the rest of your life could certainly help make that a possibility!

Here are a few Ways To Go Green if you won for life from PCH Sweepstakes!:

-Solar Panels

I’ve seen solar panels popping up on the sides of buildings and houses. It’s so cool to see this trendy way to go green! Is this how you would go green if you won life-changing funds from PCH?

-LED Lights

LED lights look so cool when they light up! I love them as decorations, but they’re great for around the house too! This could be one of the ways to go green!

-Buy a whole new wardrobe… Of second-hand clothing!

Shopping at second-hand stores — like thrift stores and consignment shops — is actually a great way to go green if you won for life from PCH! You could spend so much money on a thrift store shopping spree and fill your closets with a whole new wardrobe!

-Plant your dream garden in your backyard

Planting flowers is such a delight. And you could have the garden of your dreams! Would you go green by planting your favorite flowers, vegetables, and more right in your yard if you won for life?

-Invest in your dream bike

Bike riding is ecofriendly… and it is SUPER COOL, fun, and great exercise! You could buy the coolest bike you’ve ever seen and ride it all around town to go green if you won for life from PCH! Just add that to the list of ways to go green!

Tell us: How would you go green if you won for life from PCH Sweepstakes?

Nicole M.
PCH Sweepstakes

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