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Where Do They Get All Those Wonderful PCH Games?

Checking In with George Berger, Senior Game Designer and Animation Dude

PCHgames has been experiencing something of a renaissance lately thanks to the PCH Games Studio – an amazing cast of characters who concept, create, design, draw, animate, and do everything else that make these games and the winning opportunities that come with them – real for all PCH fans to enjoy.

I had lunch with Senior Game Designer and Animation Dude George Berger (illustrated above with some of his favorite furry friends) about the new face of PCHgames.

“It definitely was a group effort to create original games and refresh our existing library of games to continue providing fresh and fun experiences for PCH fans,” said George. “One of the first decisions we make is whether to do a visual refresh of the standard game or turn it into something completely new and exciting. And to be honest, we go for ‘new and exciting’ as often as possible.”

George added that the team was given two specific mandates:

  1. Refresh, expand, and add excitement to the highly popular mahjongg games
  2. Leverage other popular categories to bring fresh spins to classic games


Two new mahjongg games have been added and both are sure to capture players’ attention and interest. First is Mahjongg Minute 3D, complete with Prize Patrol pics, spins, and shuffles to help players solve the cube.

Spin the Cube & Make Matches As Fast As You Can

Second is Mahjongg Enchanted Forest. Featuring the slogan “Where Legends Come To Life,” Mahjongg Enchanted Forest challenges user to score points by making matches of pixies, dragons, gems, and more.

Go for the Bonus Tiles to Score Even More Points!

What’s the Word?

When it comes to word games, the focus is on “doing all of the art and animation to make the game come alive.” Once the art/animation is done, the game goes to the rule-design crew to develop scoring and gameplay patterns. “Then it comes back to us to tweak, package up, and deliver to in-house programmers for development,” added George. In the end, the programmer’s goal is to “make the actual game match the original animation as closely as possible.”

Joining word games are two new games that bring new verve to vocabulary! First up is 60 Second Word Finder, where finding words fast could lead to instant cash!

Find longer words like “announce” for even more points!

Adding to the fast-word fun is a game that’s almost out of this world – Space Word Race! Don’t worry about making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, just focus on making the most words and shooting your ship toward the stars.

Space Word Race – Compete to Make the Most Words and Win!

Go Fish

Rounding out the new roster of games is a classic card game brought to (virtual) life. Play a hand as Prize Patrollers face off against each other looking for the perfect set of cards.

There’s Nothing Fishy About this Classic Card Game!

“Each person on the art team has a different responsibility,” concluded George. “And the reward comes when we see how many people are playing and enjoying these games.”

So, get ready to game, PCH fans, because there are games to play, new high scores to set, more tokens to bank, and (hopefully) money to win. And of course, keep coming back because the excitement never gets old, especially with all-new games!

Happy gaming,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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