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Where Would You Dine To Celebrate $25,000.00 A Month For Life?

Whether we want to admit it or not, when something good happens, we eat for joy!

You know what I mean. We make plans for a celebratory lunch, go out for a nice dinner or treat ourselves to a delicious dessert. We eat all the time, but eating becomes extra special when it’s a celebration. Personally, I’m a giant-slice-of-chocolate-cake-after-some-cheesy-pasta kind of girl!

So, I wanted to ask you, what restaurant would you go to for a celebratory meal as the PCH SuperPrize winner of $25,0000.00 A Month For Life? Would you go to your favorite local joint where the staff remembers your name and what you usually order? (BIG TIP TIME!) I know that there are quite a few gems in my neighborhood, so I get it. It’ll be great to support your local business while celebrating your PCH SuperPrize win! What will you order? Would you get your usual, try something new, or just order a bunch of stuff because you can?!

Would you treat your family to a meal at that fancy steakhouse you’ve never been able to afford up until now? FINALLY! Nice ambience, great music and stellar food! Maybe it isn’t a steakhouse, maybe it’s an expensive Italian restaurant or maybe you don’t even know what type of restaurant it is! It’s just a really nice spot that you’ve been wanting to check out!

Okay, that’s going big. But with $25,000.00 A Month For Life you could go even bigger. You know what they say, GO BIG OR GO HOME! I could think of a couple of extravagant restaurants myself, but what about you?

  • Would you have a delicious lunch while sailing past the Statue of Liberty in NYC or while on a slow gondola ride in Venice, Italy?
  • Would you dine at the Eiffel Tower while taking in the twinkling lights of Paris at dinner time?
  • Would you take a fight out to Tanzania and eat on the edge of the largest unbroken volcanic caldera at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge?
  • Would you have lunch at the El Tovar Dining Room while taking in the breathtaking sights of the Grand Canyon?

Maybe you don’t like all that fuss. Maybe you’d celebrate $25,0000.00 A Month For Life by just having a relaxing meal at home. Would you order in from your favorite restaurant while watching your favorite movie?

Do you love to cook? Would you cook up a storm, bigger than any Thanksgiving dinner that you’ve ever seen?

As you can tell, I love talking and thinking about food. So, let me know, where would you have a celebratory dinner if you won the PCH SuperPrize of $25,000.00 A Month For Life?

Okay, it’s lunch time. Gotta go!

Your girl,
Tamara G
PCH Intern

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