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Entering PCH Is Like Being On “The Amazing Race”!

Hey everyone, Matt the Stat Man here. Have you ever seen the show “The Amazing Race” on CBS? It’s the Emmy Award®-winning reality game show where teams race each other around the world! These teams visit exotic locales and are faced with puzzles and tasks, which when completed, reveal their next destination!

I’m a big fan of this show, and every time I think about it, I wonder what it must be like for the Prize Patrol to constantly be going from airport to airport, looking for winners and awarding money all over the nation! In fact, I’m in an airport as I write this blog, about to award a prize tomorrow (but more about that in a future blog!).

Yes, there are many similarities between Howie and Danielle and the contestants on “The Amazing Race”. They come in various combinations (Todd and Dave are the “classic team” and Howie and Danielle are the “newbies”), they work together to solve problems (What if the winner isn’t home? That requires detective work!), and they overcome obstacles to reach their goal at the end of a trip!

But entering to win at PCH is also a lot like being on “The Amazing Race”! You have to have perseverance to keep going, always with the prize in sight. You have to enjoy a good puzzle or game (on our sites like PCHgames) to get tokens so that you can redeem them at our PCHRewards Token Exchange to go for more prizes. And visiting all of our online sites to enter every way you can is like traveling to all of the exciting attractions in a new country!

The other thing I like about the TV show “The Amazing Race” is that it focuses on teamwork. So many other competition-based reality game shows emphasize the conflicts between the competitors, but “The Amazing Race”, while VERY competitive, is really all about how the team members help each other! This makes me think about all of the encouraging comments I read on our blog posts and social media pages, where all of the PCH fanbase members encourage each other to keep on going! Why, just recently I interviewed Susan McNeill, the wife of recent winner Mike McNeill, and she said she and her husband would take turns entering using their home computer. That’s real cooperation!

As you can see, there’s a lot in common between entering PCH and the show “The Amazing Race”. I hope you check it out, but even MORE I hope you enter PCH right now! I’m not sure how you become a contestant on “The Amazing Race”, but entering PCH is FREE and EASY! So do it today … it’s one race certainly worth running!

Matt “The Stat Man” Kelly

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