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Six Amazing Experiences You Could Have If You Won $1,000.00 A Day For Life!

Hey there, friends and fans!

We are just DAYS AWAY from our October 25th special early look prize event: all of the entries have been collected, and we are in the final stages of preparation for winner selection. All in all, it’s a VERY exciting time.

Something we talk about a lot here at the PCHblog is debt. We know the financial freedom that $1,000.00 A Day For Life could provide a winner with, including a TON of debt relief. But one of the best things about a lifetime prize is that even after the debt is paid off, the money would keep coming in, day after day — not only would you be debt-free, you’d be RICH.

Since we’re so close to awarding a big winner, today I thought it would be fun to go beyond the initial financial freedom and delve into the real fun of winning…with six extravagant ideas on how you could spend your newfound wealth as the winner! (FYI, any future winner who may be reading this is more than welcome to take me along for the ride.)

Idea #1: Explore the Art in Italy!

Gorgeous scenery, check. Amazing vineyards, double check. Some of the most famous and inspiring artwork in world history? More checks than I can count! Italy is an amazing vacation destination because each city is its own entity with its own incredible sights and history, but they’re also very closely located to each other, so even in a fairly short amount of time, you can see A LOT of what Italy has to offer. You could really use your newfound wealth to get a newfound appreciation of beauty!

Idea #2: Live Like a French Monarch in Paris!

While you’re over in Europe, why not stop by my favorite place to travel, Paris? Recently, I’ve been filled with the desire to take a spontaneous trip to the City of Lights (if you’ve watched the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you may feel the same). High end shopping, baguettes, some of the finest restaurants in the world, croissants, stunning landmarks, macarons, it’s a truly magical city.

Pro Tip: Book your Eiffel Tower tickets in advance and go at night!

Idea #3: Take a Massive Family Cruise!

The traveling doesn’t need to stop just yet! I’m sure you want to share your newfound good fortune with more of your loved ones than a Euro trip would allow. A great idea for a family vacation is a cruise, as my friend, Debbie K., the Cruise Queen herself, will gladly tell you! There are activities for everyone, excursions into different countries, and an endless amount of food — what’s not to like!

Idea #4: Treat Yourself to a Glamorous New Home!

Okay, so now you’re back from vacationing, which means it’s time to treat yourself at home! With $1,000.00 A Day For Life, you have A LOT you can do with where you live, whether you build a new home, renovate your current one, or go on a real estate shopping spree! For some ideas, you could even go to PCHSearch&Win and search for “$1 Million Dollar Home in [Your State]”!

Idea #5: Viva Las Vegas!

Time for another trip! This time, we’ll stay on this side of the Atlantic, and head over to Las Vegas! Vegas is a city with a ton of different activities for all sorts of people. Are you going to be at the private table of a high stakes poker tournament? Or are you going to see one of the many artists in residency for the show of a lifetime? No matter what you do, you’re sure to have a WILD time!

Idea #6: Set up a Charitable Foundation!

Okay, we’ve taken four vacations and built a new home, so now’s the time for something a little more selfless. On the surface, setting up a charitable foundation may seem less fun than some of these other extravaganzas, but if you won $1,000.00 A Day For Life, you would have been blessed with truly good fortune. PCH believes in GIVING BACK, and if you won, you’d be able to support the causes you care about most!

We’ll be taking a special early look to see if the matching winning number has been timely returned. If not, we’ll award a base prize instead to an alternate winner in a random drawing. We hope you’ve entered to win — no matter what, it’s going to be a life-changing day! It’s so exciting that someone, this FRIDAY, will be receiving a big PCH SuperPrize!


Will F.
PCH Creative

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