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Howie’s Top 8 Moments in 2019

If you haven’t met Howie – Prize Patrol Elite Team Member – yet, you’re in for a treat! Howie has a front row seat to the Prize Patrol action, so we asked him all about it. Here are Howie’s Top 8 Moments from the year!

1: Making Winning Memories with Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey knows how to make these moments extra special – and our fans love him! “He’s such a funny, friendly man,” Howie said.

2: That Time Howie Almost Got Arrested

When the Prize Patrol showed up to award Michel Lepine his BIG CHECK in RI, Michel’s brother, Robert, called the cops! “The police had to verify that I wasn’t a scammer,” Howie said, laughing. “Michel was a great winner and his brother, Robert, even called me later and apologized!”

3: Yes, Your Wife Does Play at PCH!

When the Prize Patrol went to Clarence, NY to surprise Uma Gwaltney with a $1,000,000 BIG CHECK, she wasn’t home. Howie tracked down her husband, but he said: “My wife doesn’t even play at PCH!” When Uma showed up, she told Howie, “I play all the time!”

4: Shenanigans on the Road with Dave Sayer

“Dave hates when we’re late, so Danielle and I told him that we would be VERY LATE to pick him up at the airport. Dave freaked out!” Howie said. “We finally told him to look straight ahead, and he saw us waving and laughing!”

Howie, Winning Moments Maven

5: Howard Hickman from Pickering, OH

This million-dollar winner is a retired accountant with over 10,000 vintage and collectible beer cans impeccably displayed in his basement. He always played at PCH but never expected to win. His best advice to other PCH fans about winning is that: “persistence” is key!

6: Ricky Williams, $5,OOO A Week For Life Prize Winner

“Ricky is a funny, hardworking guy and so relatable,” Howie said. “Now he knows he can keep taking care of his daughter and grandkids. This was a really happy winning moment.”

7: How Far Away is North Dakota?

When James Park of Utah got a call from his son that the Prize Patrol was at his door, he begged them to come back in an hour or two. So, Howie and Dave came back and waited…and waited…and waited. They learned later that James was actually in North Dakota – and drove all the way home!

8: You Still Win Even If You Miss Your Winning Moment

When the Prize Patrol went to Carrie Brumbaugh’s home in the Santa Cruz mountains, she wasn’t even in the country! “It’s okay, though. When you’re the winner, you always get your prize.” Howie says.

Thanks for sharing these great moments, Howie! Now, which one is your favorite? Please leave a comment and let us know.

Plus, don’t forget: get in to win, every day and every way.

All the best,

Maria S.
PCH Creative

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