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Interview With $1 Million PCH Winner Howard Hickman!

It was a brisk winter day in Columbus, Ohio, and Howard Hickman had just returned home from a walk in the park. Retired, he didn’t have a lot to do that day. Maybe clean the bathroom? But one thing was for certain, he had NO idea that he was about to become $1,000,000.00 richer!

I spoke with Howard the other day, and he says that when he heard that knock on his door, becoming a PCH winner was the farthest thing from his mind.

“I just figured someone was trying to sell me something! Maybe they have the wrong house? I saw the local news crew, but they have to have the wrong house!”

While Howard always knew that PCH was real, he never thought this would happen to him. Just watch the clip below, and you can see the shock on his face!

New PCH winner Howard Hickman definitely enters often, but still can’t believe he won!

“Yes, I enter often. Since I retired about 5 years ago, I was able to enter pretty frequently. I’m still in shock, though. I’ve never won any contests or any type of thing ever in my life!”

Working in accounting and finance his whole life, Howard is pretty savvy when it comes to making smart choices with his money, so knowing what to do with a $1,000,000.00 prize from PCH is no exception. But that being said, he definitely plans on having some fun with it too!

“I enjoy traveling! The only reason I worked was to travel. I’ve been to all 50 states, Europe, Mexico. I love to go hiking in parks. But it’s hard to choose a place to go back to, because everywhere I go…I want to visit again! I’ve been to Alaska a couple of times, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon…”

The intrepid explorer certainly enjoys his globetrotting journeys, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t excitement back at home! Harold is starting to get recognized wherever he goes! 

“[My family] all congratulated me. They say, now they know someone who won! They didn’t know it was real, but now they know.

And people come up to me that I’ve never met before. ‘You’re the guy we saw on the news’ or ‘we read about you in the newspaper!’ A lot of people saw the videos on YouTube. Some friends from out of state reached out to me too, some I hadn’t talked to in years!”

I decided to let Howard go so he could start planning for his next “million-dollar vacation,” but before I said goodbye I asked him if he had any advice for other PCH winner hopefuls out there. This is what he had to say:

“Keep up! Someone’s going to win! If you don’t play you can’t win. Sometimes persistence pays off!”

And there you have it! Words from a PCH winner to keep you going! Make sure you get your entries in today at and you never know…that next knock on the door could be the one you least expect!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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