Meet Howard Hickman, Our Newest Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner!

Who knew that a house that looked so quiet on February 5 at 2:30 PM could – just a few minutes later – be the scene of life-changing excitement?  Well, that’s what happens when the PCH Prize Patrol comes to call.  For a retired accountant, that ordinary day suddenly turned into a euphoric experience never to be forgotten.  

Howard Hickman was spending a quiet afternoon sorting through old photos he had taken on his travels when there was a knock at the door of his home just outside Columbus, Ohio.

Howard opened the door and – wham! – was face-to-face with video cameras and Danielle, Howie and yours truly of the Prize Patrol presenting him with roses, balloons and a Big Check with his name on it worth $1,000,000.00!

“You’re kiddin!  This isn’t a joke?  I can’t believe it!” he said shaking with the enormity of winning the Million Dollar SuperPrize.  Sure he had seen Prize Patrol presentations countless times on TV, and he believed that they were real.  But he never expected to have such a scene take place at his front door! Fortunately, Howard was never discouraged and entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes almost daily – with a particular fondness for PCH Lotto from which he won his Million Dollar SuperPrize.  That’s right. Howard played his cards right and won the PCHlotto Life Is Rich Prize!

Like everybody else, Howard has bills to pay – which should be easy now that he’s living on “Easy Street.”  And while he has visited all 50 states and more, he says there are “So many places I’d like to travel” and “See the world.”  You can bet that before long his photo collection of faraway places is going to get a lot bigger!

Congratulations Howard, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of winners!  And to the rest of you, follow this lucky winner’s advice: “Be persistent!”  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes every chance you get and your dream of winning – like Howard’s – could come true! 

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. Excellent news for him! I wish it were me.
    I’d be happy just to see ONE check for
    $1000.00 at this point. We would ALL love
    to receive a few small checks to help with

  2. It sure would be nice to win the PCH. Since I have been played off. I am a senior plus a widow.!!!

  3. His dream came true , now I hope and pray that my dreams can come true next!! It would mean so much to me and my family . Living with MS and not being able to work , it would be a blessing !!!

  4. I’m so happy for him I play everyday but have not received a number yet for the upcoming 4/26/ 2019 not sure if I’m to late in order to get my process they want you to buy which I have 2 times no 4 times but it says in order to get a number you have to place an order is that true all I know is I hope you come to my door I’ve been playing.sense 2016 didn’t know they kept track that’s cool I just wanted to say Howard congratulations that’s a blessing I’m very happy for you a very lucky winner

  5. How do you play 3794,394 tokens when the prize section has changed? You can only put a small number in and then i lost over 3 million tokens because it would only take 794 tokens. Is it going to go back or stay this way?