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Meet Our $25,000 PCH Prize Winner Bobbie Dearman

“The PCH man is here! The Prize Patrol is here!” blasted through the intercom at the grocery store just outside Jackson, Mississippi.

Employee Lawanda recognized the Prize Patrol immediately and gave me a giant hug and then ran off to tell all of the other employees. I was here to pick up flowers and balloons since $25,000 winner Bobbie Dearman lived nowhere near any florists. Needless to say, I was a little late after talking to all the employees that day! I encouraged them all to keep entering and hit the road to Bobbie’s house in Pachuta.

Arriving at Bobbie’s with my cameraman and a local TV news reporter, I noticed no car in sight at the rural property. Suddenly Bobbie opened the front door and greeted us before I even had a chance to knock! Completely stunned, Bobbie could barely utter a word for about 30 seconds before she began crying with joy.

As we often hear from our winners, this prize truly came at the right time. Bobbie has been relying on family members and friends for rides to town, which is a considerable distance away. She was overjoyed that she can now purchase a car with her $25,000 winnings. Bobbie also told us she had just been entering online that morning, and I reminded her that this prize does not disqualify her from winning again, so she should keep it up!

Bobbie’s advice for others was to enter “as much as you can, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

By the way, the first thing Bobbie told me she would do as the newest PCH SuperPrize winner was to take her parents out to a nice seafood dinner in town.

Enjoy your winnings, Bobbie! And to all of you PCH fans out there, you could be ringing in 2020 with $2,500 A Week For Life – enter now!

Good luck!
Howie from the PCH Prize Patrol

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