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Cameramen Are Vital to PCH Winning Moments

When you see our iconic “winning moments” on TV, you surely see an ecstatic winner, the Big Check, roses, balloons and the Prize Patrol.  What you don’t see is the one person that makes it possible for you to witness all that excitement: the video cameraman!

Without a professional cameraman (or camerawoman) to capture all the screams, weak knees, tears and hugs, it would be impossible for you to see that “winning moment.” And then you might not be motivated to enter the PCH Sweepstakes.  And if you didn’t enter you could not possibly win!  Perish the thought!

Thankfully, the Prize Patrol has experienced cameramen with us all the time.  Two really experienced guys (from PrimaLux in New York) have covered “winning moments” since 1988 when we first started showing up at winners’ doors.  And cameramen with us for the first time in other cities experience life-changing thrills that neither they nor the winners will ever forget.

Some of our cameramen have been on TV news crews and say our “good news stories” are a welcome change from covering crime scenes, fires and traffic pile-ups.  One in the Carolinas said “It sure beats getting footage in a chicken rendering plant.”  They all agree “You never know what’s gonna happen.”  One winner was surprised in a strip club.  Another remembers a winner who phoned her husband to tell him she’d won, and he replied ‘You’re out of your mind!’”  Another recalled surprising a father whose little girl turned to him and asked “Daddy, does this mean now I can buy new books for school?”

We Prize Patrol’ers salute and thank the cameramen who have accompanied us to nearly a thousand winners’ doors in all 50 states.  Their videos have contributed immeasurably to PCH’s success, bolstered the optimism of countless TV viewers and actually led to prize awards worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every chance you get, and you too could experience a PCH “winning moment” and meet one of our cameramen in person!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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