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4 Ways To Spend Money That Are More Interesting Than Paying Bills!

I’m sure like everyone else, you all have bills to pay. And if you ever won a huge sweepstakes you’d all probably think of paying those off first. Paying your bills would be a breeze! But a life-changing prize would also help you spend money in many more INTERESTING ways! We have thought of a few ways you could spend your “Big Check” money if you win … that are way more fun than paying bills! Enter to win today and the Prize Patrol could award you a SuperPrize from the PCH Sweepstakes!

Book A Trip!

Wouldn’t you love to buy a plane ticket and travel to another country? How great would it be to pack up your car and take a road trip from state to state? Do you imagine relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, toes buried in the sand, waves crashing, watching the surfers and maybe even catching a wave yourself? Winning the PCH Sweepstakes means you could plan to travel anywhere, anytime!

See A Movie! And Another Movie … And Another Movie …

Aren’t there so many amazing movies to see? If the Prize Patrol delivered a SuperPrize to your doorstep, you’d be able to spend the money on movie after movie, if you’d like! For that matter, you could build your own lavish entertainment system right at home and invite friends and family over for movie night!

Treat Yourself To The Finest Cuisine!

Would you spend a night at a five-star restaurant if you won a “Big Check”? You could be eating a five-course meal with delicious appetizers, a stellar main course, and a superb dessert if you won a PCH Sweepstakes … and that would be more interesting than paying bills, wouldn’t it?!

Enjoy A Shopping Spree!

What if you COULD afford the new shoes, the new pants, the new shirt, the new television, the new speaker, and the new laptop you’ve been wanting to purchase? With a “SuperPrize”, you’d be able to enjoy a shopping spree and buy whatever cool items you’d like!

Aren’t these all interesting ways you could spend a SuperPrize? Sure, a “Big Check” would help to pay the bills, but with all of these fun suggestions in mind, you could tell everyone all about the different ways you’re spending your Publishers Clearing House prize money if you win big!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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