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#WinnerWednesday: How Wining a PCH Prize Is Like Taking a Nice Bubble Bath!

Greetings, fans and friends! And happy #WinnerWednesday!

Aaaahhhh! Who wouldn’t love to take a nice, warm, relaxing bubble bath right now?!!!

You see, friends, I learned on PCHSearch&Win that today – January 8th – is National Bubble Bath Day! It’s a day to fill the tub with water, add your favorite bubble bath, perhaps light a scented candle, and just lie there and soak without a care in the world!

The truth is, no one has time for a bubble bath anymore – that is, no one over the age of 5. We rush into the shower, towel off and start our day in a matter of minutes. No time for relaxing, daydreaming or doing absolutely nothing!

However, PCH prize winners have the privilege of relaxing, daydreaming and doing nothing at all! Those are some of the perks that come with winning a Publishers Clearing House prize. It doesn’t matter if you win $10, $50 or even our latest SuperPrize guaranteed to be awarded on February 28th … money can make wishes come true.

Here are 5 winners of smaller PCH prizes whose dreams came true – and who continue to DREAM BIG:

Jane D. of Miami, FL, a $100 PCH winner, writes, “I play because it gives me a terrific daydream that I may (long shot) someday win the cash I need to make repairs to my home. It gives me hope. Thank you so much!!”

Robin M. of Gruetli Laager, TN, another $100 winner, was very surprised to win a PCH prize. “Dreaming big!” says Robin. “I can dream about changing my whole family’s life!”

Nathan N. of Buffalo, NY, won $500 from Publishers Clearing House. “You guys always give me hope,” he says. “When I’m having a bad day, I play the games. When I’m having problems paying my bills, you guys give me positive dreams and have me looking at better days. But most of all, you guys make me feel like you’re talking to me as my friend.”

Jennifer N. of San Antonio, TX, won a $100 gift card from PCH, and she looks forward to even more winning opportunities: “It gives hope! It’s fun to dream and hopefully, one day, I will win BIG!”

Last but not least, Thomaxine D. of Gretna, LA, a $20 PCH winner, wants everyone to know how grateful she is. “It may sound like a small amount but I see it as a blessing . I’m a retired deputy, a widow, and on disability trying to go from day to day. I was overjoyed when I received my win.”

“They make dreams come true,” she says of Publishers Clearing House. “People need to believe again.”

So, fans and friends, let’s all imagine soaking our cares away in a tub filled with billowing bubbles … dreaming of a world where wonderful things are possible. That’s the warm, tranquil, peaceful feeling you might experience as a PCH winner.
Don’t let anyone burst your bubble that you can’t win. Of course you can – enter today and every day and you, too, could be bathing in the comfort of cash!

Good luck, and Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

Best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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