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Attention. all PCH Fans! Giveaway #13000 has come to an end, and a brand-new giveaway number is here! Introducing Giveaway #16000! Will YOU become the first PCH sweepstakes winner of this new Gwy. No.? We’ll have to wait and see!

It’s true. There’s a new Gwy. No. in town, and with that comes a new PCH SuperPrize event: $7,000.00 A Week For Life! You know the deal – a winner would get payments of $7,000.00 every single week for the rest of their life! This sweet Lifetime Prize is ready to be awarded on April 30, and we’ll be taking a Special Early Look to see if the winning number has been returned. If there’s no match, we’ll award a base prize to an alternate winner in a random drawing from among all timely entries.

But don’t worry – I’m sure we’ll find someone to turn into a Millionaire! The entry deadline is April 27 (11:59 PM ET), so it’s important that you enter if you want to be in to win! Weekly payments of $7,000.00 adds up fast, and you don’t want to miss out.

Introducing Giveaway #16000 – In it to Win it

Now that you know what’s at stake – and you know that the new Giveaway Number is 16000, I think you should start considering what you would do if you won. What would you would do with your PCH SuperPrize winnings – spend it or save it? It’s a big decision, but the winner will have a lifetime to think about it!

Introducing Giveaway #16000 – PCH Sweepstakes

But as you know, PCH is way more than just the SuperPrize. We have tons of PCH sweepstakes you can enter. We leave no dream unturned! For example, here are just a handful. 

Win $1,250,000.00 For Your Ultimate Dream Home!

Win Cash For A Caribbean Cruise!

Win $10,000.00 And Pay Off Your Debt!

Win A Ford F150!

OK, I’m going to leave you to it. You have lots of PCH sweepstakes to enter – especially our new $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize from Giveaway #16000! Have a great day and make sure to enter!

Tina P.

Online Creative

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  1. I’m claiming that $7000 a week for life at the PCH and $750,000 and a brand new bronco truck looking for the PCH van to come to my house and bring me my debit card with no limit 16000 $10 million less activate that too, let’s really go shopping with all this money.

  2. Claiming. Prize alert 100/ free. GWY. Dream Home. Giveaway. On. Line. Survey. Weeping. Grand prize rapids. Official. Rules. 1877. 707. $$$$. Claiming. Kathryn. Oui oui oui. Winner. Introducing. GWY. 26000. March. 3. 2020. Attention. All. PCH. Fans/. GWY. 13000. Has. Come to an end. And. A. Brand. – view. Giveaway. #. Is. Here missing. 16900.00006 show results. Dream. Home. ! Show. Results. With. 15000.00.00. Free. Claim. Win. 1.350.000.00. For. Your gWY. 16400. We cash. For a oui oui oui. Carries. Cruise. Win. 10.000.09. And. Pay. Off. Your. Debt /. Win. A. Ford. F150. Claiming. Both. GWY. Timely. Entered. Won. GWYS. Fe. A weekend a. Week. For. Life. And. For. Life. Winners. Claiming. Like. We. Claim. Our. Winners. Doubling. Tripling. Quadrupling. Quintupling. Why. Not. Claiming. 7000.00. 70000.00.00. 700000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0. 10000.00. To. 15.000.09 0 0 0. GWY. Winners.

  3. Claiming 16000. 7000.00. Ac. Week. Fe. A. Weekend a. Week. For. Life. And. For. Life. Sweepstakes. Desire. 10.000.00. Cd. Winner. Sweepstakes. Desire. Pch. Brought a. Dream. For. You. Immediate. Cash. GWY. Winner. Match. No. Second chance. Drawings. Loser. And. Win. Go. To. Prize. Patrol. Time. Entered. Claimed. Winner. Instant. Cash. 8888888777777.0 0 0 dream homes. 2.4. Big. Household debt. Claiming. 1.275.0 0 0 0 0 0 ultimate dream. Home. 6. Morris. Town. Winners. With. Moon dance cards. 17.0000. Morris. Tomorrow winner. Np. 070. Winnner. Paper Clock. Winners. 2218. 3561. Fe. Winners. 2020. A. Red. Three. Sticker. Claimed. Winner. N0 602. Np. 59. No Pch. 1837. Winner. 11813. 17523. Winner. 2020. 2022. Winner. Prayer. Clock. Winners. See. Newsfeed. For. Exact correct. No. I. Did. It. Want. To. Claim. Here Winner. 5. Major. Prize. Winner. Red. A. Boogie. Was. Won. Before. Meeting. Webber. 2 nd. Quarter 1. St. Week. It. Was. Won. Entered. And. Climaxed. Before. Meeting. This. Flea. Bag. Thief. Instant winner. No. Body. Can. Claimed. Something they. Did. Not. Enter. No. Matter. What. You. Lose. Pch. Took. What does. Prize patrol do. When. Winner. Is. Not. Home. They. Award. It. To. A. Affidavit. Thief. And. Take. It. Back because. He. Stole. The. Claimed. Kathryn. King. Winner. And. To this day. She. Never. Heard. Him. Say. It. Was a. Loser. And. No. She. Is. Not. Sharing this. With. Him either. Kathryn. Winner. PCH. 16. 17. 19. 62. Kathryn Winner.

  4. I proclaim sole ownership and secure ownership and lock it in, for gwy. nos. 19000, 16000, 15001, 17010, 19500, 18523, 19524, 21000, 19990, and 20028.