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Have you taken advantage of ALL the ways to enter to win our PCH SuperPrize?

It’s really smart to activate as many entries as you can, because you never know which one could turn out to be the winner and bring the famous PCH Prize Patrol to your door!


#1 Start at PCH’s online “front door” –!

A great way to fire up a daily entry for our SuperPrize is at — and it also connects you to all the other PCH ways to enter online.

Once you’ve activated a Sweepstakes entry at you can go on to all the other ways to enter by clicking on the icons (for PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHslots, etc.) at the top of the page.

#2 Come play – and enter our Sweeps – at PCHkeno!

Not only will playing at PCHkeno fire up an entry for the our big SuperPrize, it’s also the place to enter Live Drawings held every 20 minutes and pick up Tokens — up to a MILLION of them!

#3 Try your luck — at PCHblackjack!

Sit down and play exciting “hands” at our Daily Blackjack Tournament. A high-rollin’ good time is guaranteed — while you score yet another entry to win our life-changing PCH SuperPrize.

#4 Search the Web while going for riches at PCHSearch&Win!

Don’t you have to do Web searches pretty much every day? Of course! Log on to PCHSearch&Win and do ALL your Web-surfing with us for one of the easiest ways to enter at PCH. You can earn some pretty cool instant prizes that way — AND your first search of the day will blast ANOTHER SuperPrize Prize entry our way!

#5 Come on over to PCHlotto for some high-stakes fun!

Pick your “lucky numbers” to go for our ever-growing PCHlotto POWER PRIZE JACKPOT! The stakes are high, it’s lots of fun — and you’ll be getting in your daily Sweeps entry, too!

#6 Come spin the wheel and win big bucks at PCHslots!

Visit PCHslots, our awesome online “casino,” and spin the wheels of exciting games like “Wild West Winnings,” “Wild Cherries” and “Pharaoh’s Fortune.” Meanwhile, you’ll be activating another entry into our Sweeps!

#7 Check out the buzz at PCHfrontpage!

Visit PCHfrontpage today, tomorrow and every day to keep up with all the news, entertainment, weather, recipes, lifestyle features and prize opportunities. It’s also a great way to activate another SuperPrize entry.

Just follow the links above to all of the fun ways to enter! You can also activate an entry by visiting our the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, and by responding to the PCH Bulletins we’ve put in the mail for so many years.

I hope you’ll take advantage of all our ways to enter at PCH — and that one of them just might connect you to a life-changing Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize!

Good luck!

PCH Creative

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  1. I see myself winning that $7000 a week that 16000 giveaway number, publisher clearing house looking forward to going shopping for the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  2. I hope to win tomorrow, Billy $$$$ in u rich. I have my in you, I hope I will build my land up for to people to work to help them better there self thanks and God you all at PCH, Billy $$$$$$ u rich.

  3. I’m dreaming BIG, meaning I’m ready to win PCH. I’m claiming all authorizations and ownerships on gwy. prize #19500, with VIP bonuses of 2 lifetimes of $5000 a week forever. Good luck, and thank you PCH Prize Patrol!

  4. I’m in it win it, and I’m waiting on the Prize Patrol to show up at my daughter’s, to announce that I’m the huge sweepstakes SuperPrize multi millionaire from Publishers Clearing House for giveaway 19990, 19500, and others. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Terry W$$$$$$$.

    1. Hello Edward, make sure you get your entries in for a chance to win. Commenting on blog posts will not secure your entry. You may click on the following link to enter the activation code: Please be aware that the activation code that you received provides instructions on how to visit us at a special web page for an opportunity to enter online. To see all of your entry options, check out this link here:

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