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The PCH Token Exchange and The February Winners List

Hello, everyone!

Today is a fun day because we get to take a look at some of the AMAZING prizes available at the PCHRewards Token Exchange!

Since I’m a PCH employee, I can’t cash in any tokens for a shot to win, but again…there’s nothing stopping you from doing that.

So, with that said, let’s take a stroll through the PCH Token Exchange to see some of the cool stuff YOU could go for. Let me live vicariously through all of you possible PCH winners out there! Ready? Let’s go….

All you need is 500 tokens to get in to win this camera! I can see myself now, snapping away, getting candid shots of all of my friends. It really would be like I was a young girl all over again.

All it takes to enter to WIN this camera is 3,500 tokens? If I won this, I would give it to my husband. He would be SO EXCITED!

This is a prize I would definitely want to score! Who doesn’t want to get away for the weekend? You can enter to win this one with 3,000 tokens. I want the first car on the roller coaster. WHO’S IN?

I could REALLY use this! Entering is easy and just takes 1,000 tokens – so why not? If I could only win, maybe I’d show up at family gatherings on time…for once!

WOW! Imagine winning a great new car that is actually from THIS DECADE! All it takes to enter is 5,000 tokens. Again…Wow!

Now, for more good news: here’s February’s list of PCH winners from the PCH Token Exchange!

[table id=62 /]


Wouldn’t it be great to see YOUR NAME on the list of PCH winners? Don’t forget, redeeming tokens now won’t affect your status or your rank on the Token leaderboard, so don’t wait another minute – visit the PCH Token Exchange today! the more tokens you exchange, the more chances you’ll have to win!

Get in to WIN lots of other ways, too!

Why not play games as often as possible, get news and entertainment info at PCHfrontpage, do your web searches at PCHsearch&win, or go to PCHlotto where you can get in to win millions and change your life. It’s so easy – and PCH is always FREE to enter and FREE to WIN!

Good luck!

PCH Online Creative

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