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Token Redemption Leads to Rewards for the September PCHrewards Token Exchange Winners

Eruit, Ingressus, Vici
(Translation: They Redeemed, They Entered, They Won!)

September was a robust month in winning! Some picked up trophies at the 71st Emmy Awards and others that picked up future voters during the presidential debates. And, of course, the spirits of parents all across the country were lifted when the kids went back to school! However, perhaps no other winners enjoyed their prizes as much as those who scored sweepstakes wins at the PCHrewards Token Exchange last month.

When I talk to people about Publishers Clearing House (, I’m often asked, “what do I do with all of these tokens?” And my answer always is something like this: “those tokens could be the key to winning lots of giveaways and the more you have, the better.” Then I explain why – because you can redeem them for entries to awesome giveaways at the Token Exchange.

Prizes awarded daily. Enter as many contests as you like. Score multiple entries!

September Winners
The people on this list sure know what I’m talking about when it comes to redeeming tokens! Why? Because each was a Token Exchange prizewinner during the month of September. From cash to gift cards and amazing prizes, these winners went after what they wanted – and got it! Congratulations to all!

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More to Come
Don’t forget – there’s a brand-new 2020 Ford® Explorer XLT (valued at nearly $50,000) that is guaranteed to be given away in early November. Entries are just 5,000 tokens apiece. Claim your entries before midnight on October 31 and you could have a new all-wheel drive vehicle in your driveway before the first snowflakes fall.

Plus, go for other giveaways and you could find your name in the October Token Exchange Winners blog.

Happy redeeming,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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