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PCH Thanks Our Healthcare Workers & Other Helpers on the Front Lines

Hello, PCH friends and fans,

Today on the PCH blog, we want to thank our healthcare workers and the other important helpers who are giving it their all to help everyone to get through this tough time.

We want to thank the healthcare workers – the doctors, nurses, aides and other hospital employees, as well as EMS workers, who are putting their lives on the line every day to help treat COVID-19 patients under extremely stressful conditions.

We want to thank the supermarket and pharmacy workers, who are helping us live our daily lives as normally as possible. We want to thank the delivery drivers who are sleeping in their trucks, the restaurant workers who prepare takeout meals, the farmers who are helping to make those meals possible, the police and firefighters who continue to keep our communities safe, the volunteers who are helping to feed the needy, and so many other folks who are there to keep things on a roll.

We want to thank our transit workers, essential employees who make sure those who need to do their jobs get to where they need to go.

And we also want to thank our teachers, who are helping our children to continue learning in new ways, as well as our clergy who have helped us “keep the faith” despite their pews being empty.

We want to thank these and many, many more folks … on the front lines in hospitals and on the assembly lines manufacturing masks and gowns … behind the checkout counters in the grocery stores and behind the steering wheels of big rigs … and people all around us who are helping us get through these tough times. They are the real “winners”!

Please give a shout-out in the comments below to someone you think ought to be thanked for their service.

As always, thank you, all, for making Publishers Clearing House part of your day! And please stay happy, healthy and safe!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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