How Would You Feel If You Saw The PCH Van At Your House?

The PCH Prize Patrol just awarded another life-changing prize to a lucky winner on August 31st, and that memorable winning moment did not disappoint! In fact, each new big prize award, and how it changes a deserving person’s life for the better, is what makes working here at PCH so rewarding!

The countless winning moments that we’ve captured on camera over the years is truly amazing to look back on. In fact, the Prize Patrol just celebrated its 32nd Anniversary! Our winners often tell us that seeing the PCH van and the Prize Patrol standing at their door with a BIG check doesn’t seem real at first. Many are so shocked that they can’t even speak! Some just let out a giant scream!

We Can’t Wait For Our Next Big Winning Moment!

Now’s the time to keep your eyes on a really big prize scheduled for award on October 31st. It’s sure to be a sweet Halloween treat for our lucky winner! We’re talking $1,000.00 A Day For Life! We can only imagine the kind of reaction the Prize Patrol will be capturing on camera this time. That kind of prize money is the kind of life-changing, legacy-making, super prize that gets everyone talking, and hoping and praying! How would you react if you saw the PCH van at your house on October 31st?

Imagine Those Entries Finally Paying Off Big!

Some of our winners tell us that they had been playing for years and never gave up hope. Their advice to everyone is always to just keep entering, and to keep the faith. In fact, recent $1 Million winner Wynona Price of Los Angeles, CA had this to say: “You never think it’s going to happen to you. Just keep having hope and know that it really is possible.”

How Would You Feel?

We have a fun idea for you blog readers out there who are in it to win it. We’d love for you to come up with your own word (or words!) that would best describe how you would feel if you saw the PCH van and the Prize Patrol at YOUR house. How about it? Would you scream? Cry? Jump for joy? Or would you be speechless because there was a whole range of emotions running through your mind and you just couldn’t put into words just how you were feeling!

So, think about it and let us know what you come up with in the comments below. I know you fans will come up with something great! And your comments can help to cheer other readers like yourself on to help everyone stay in it to win it, get all their entries in as often as they can, and hopefully make their dreams come true! Thanks in advance for your ideas!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Even if an entry with the matching winner number is not returned on time or is ineligible, there will be a Second Chance drawing — and all eligible numbers will get in to win a guaranteed $1,000,000.00 prize!

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  1. I would really like it to be more than just a “promised that the winner will be of your area” and to date, never is!
    Make my dreams and prayers come true🙏

  2. I’m not going react in any. way because I never win the money no matter how many hours a day I enter for all the years and years I have been entering

    1. I can understand that it may get discouraging at times. Keep in mind that we do receive millions of entries, but only one person can win each giveaway. However, every entry has the same fair chance and all winners are randomly selected. There’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next so I encourage you to keep trying. We appreciate your ongoing loyalty thus far and hope to see you continue to try your luck! To see all of your entry options, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  3. Sept. 5,2020
    The grand Prize is $ 1,000 a day for life gwy. N o. 16021.
    of the Winner who matches all five Numbers Plus the
    Grand Number drawn , and the Second Prize is
    $ 25,000 a Year for the life GWY. No. 13783 . of
    the Winner who Matches only the five main Numbers.
    Players have additional chances to Win including
    Cash Prizes ranging from $ 4 to $ 1,000 as Well as
    Free Plays.

  4. Sept. 5, 2020
    That’s exactly what could happen in just weeks
    to one Luckly Prize Winner- maybe even you !
    You see, Publishers Clearing House is Fully
    PrePared to award Someone with $ 1,000 a day ,
    every day , for life ! Yes you ready that right – $ 1,000
    a day for life GWY . No. 16021. of Course.

    1. if you are waiting on pch to to bring you a truck you will be waiting forever the only thing you are going to win from pch is a SCREWING

  5. I don’t really know how I would react. I probably won’t believe it was for me. I think I would think y’all was gonna ask for directions. I mean I’ve never won anything like that and I don’t think I’m that blessed so yea I think y’all was gonna ask for directions.