#WinnerWednesday: Are PCH Winners Real?

Greetings, fans and friends!

Are PCH winners real? If you’re a PCH fan, you probably know that the answer is YES! You’ve seen those winning moments on TV and on PCH’s Facebook page.

But did you know that the majority of PCH winners win small prizes like $10, $20, $100 … as well as gift cards to stores, restaurants and online retailers? You won’t find these winners screaming and crying in our TV commercials, but you know where you will find them? Right here on the PCH Blog! Plus, I’ll bet that when they receive their checks they scream and cry as much as our SuperPrize winners!

Today on our #WinnerWednesday blog let’s meet 4 REAL PCH WINNERS of small prizes. These PCH fans stayed in it to win it – and they won it!

Linda W. (there she is at the top of this page) won a few small PCH prizes after she started entering in the mail back in 2006. “I felt like I won a million bucks,” she explains, “But it wasn’t until January 2019 when I won my biggest check to date. It was $500 from a Quick Pick from Pchlotto. I screamed so loud and cried and told all the people who said I’m crazy and wasting time that I’ve won big this time.” Linda tells me she enters at PCH.com and completes all the games and enters to win on PCHlotto, PCHsearch&win, PCHfrontpage, PCHkeno and the PCH App, and she answers all her emails every single day.

Her advice to all of you is simple: “Stay positive, persistent and have patience. Enter, enter, enter! You might be one click away from 1 million dollars.”

Tommie W. (who’s camera-shy) writes, “I have been playing for so long that I’ve lost track. I think that I’ve won $10 once and $50 once … a while ago.” Tommie loves to play all PCH games – Lotto, Sweepstakes, Slots, Scratch-offs and Keno … and loves redeeming tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange.

“I am a military vet so I don’t know how to stop fighting until I win!!” Tommie adds. “Then, I’ll just keep going!” Thanks for your service, Tommie, and thanks for playing PCH games!

Jazmen H. is holding a real check for $10 she received from PCH. “I’ve been entering faithfully since January 2019, and I hope to win big and very soon,” she says. “I enter PCH hoping to turn my family’s life circumstances around,” Jazmen adds. “It would be a true relief in many different ways to be able win multiple major prizes, to be honest, because I would like to be able to create more opportunities of growth for everyone and everything connected to me and my spheres of influence for the present and future.” Wow, that’s a very generous goal, Jazmen. What acts of generosity would YOU perform if YOU won a PCH prize?

Finally, on today’s #WinnerWednesday blog, we have Ketrina D. who has a lovely story to tell you:

“My dad played PCH up until he passed away in 2008. I did the mail entries as well as playing faithfully online and apps since February of 2011! I have my sister hooked too!

I have won two $10 checks and my sister Eden won $10 as well. This was in the past two years. I do believe the big rewards fall in the hands that need it most at the time! God has a funny way of working that way! It may be me some day but to be very honest, I enjoy the believing part. But I love it whether I win or not!”

“Keep making dreams come true,” Ketrina adds. “I love all of you for bringing positivity into our world.”

Congratulations, Linda, Tommie, Jazmen and Ketrina! You are living proof that PCH winners are real – and that all you need to do to win is to keep the faith and keep entering!

I look forward to reading about your “winning moments” in the comments below and maybe even sharing your stories with readers of future #WinnerWednesday blogs.

Good luck,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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