#WinnerWednesday: These PCH Winners Are In It To Win It!

What is this a picture of? Read on, friends and fans …

It’s time for another exciting #WinnerWednesday blog post! I really hope you enjoy reading about the “winning moments” of our smaller PCH prize winners. Believe me, these folks are in it to win it – and whether they win $10, $20, $100 or more, they consider it a real blessing and for many, motivation to keep on playing for a shot at “the Big One.”

Dottie T. commented on the blog that she’s a “13-time winner of small prizes and so happy for all the winners.” When I contacted her for permission to appear on the blog she explained she had already been featured on the blog in 2017.

I checked out the 2017 blog post and read that Dottie celebrated her winning moments by posting copies of all her prizes in frames hanging on the wall by her computer. “I hope to have more winnings hanging up soon!” she wrote at the time. “I love PCH because they give people a chance to make their dreams come true.”

I asked Dottie whether she still frames copies of her prizes, and the photo at the top of the page is what she sent me! Isn’t that impressive?

“I have a wall full of frames, and hope to win more prizes,” Dottie explains. “I make copies and then frame them before going to the bank. I have won 5 more small prizes since I last emailed you.”

“I spend my prize money toward groceries,” Dottie adds. “Even though the prizes are small I keep trying. Maybe, who knows, I might win big one day. It makes me feel good to win and hope the best for all PCH fans to win. They need to keep trying, you never know when you get the message ‘YOU ARE A WINNER’.” Dottie’s favorite sites on which to enter are PCH.com, PCH Lotto, PCH Quizmania and PCH Games.

Fans and friends, would you like to have a Wall of Frames in your home showcasing all your PCH prizes? Well, you know what to do … keep on entering!

Another PCH fan who’s in it to win it is Brandon L., who comments on the blog, “I won Giveaway 15497! Yay! Thank you all for the $10. It gives me more hope and drive for bigger wins. I greatly appreciate it!” Brandon has been entering since 2018, and enjoys entering on PCH.com, the PCH App, the PCHlotto site and the PCHlotto App, PCH Games and PCHsearch&win.

“I just know as long as I keep being diligent that one day I will hit the Big One!” Brandon adds.

Yes, indeed, PCH winners are in it to win it! Comment below and let us know if you’ve won a PCH prize. Or, comment below and let us know how much you want to win a PCH prize. And to all, keep on entering and keep on reading the PCH Blog! We wish you the very best of luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative


  1. I love playing the games&entering the sweepsteaks,but I have been under the weather for a while&not feeling up to par,so I don’t play like I used to play,but I hope to be back playing soon.I really miss playing the games.Good Luck to everyone.

  2. Do you all ever update the winners page because Every time I look at it the same names are there .? And who won the Ford truck of the November the drawing I’ve have not seen anything about it and I played a lot of call tokens on it in fact ever day for about a month or two and I have not seen won it yet are has it been given away yet this is very important no me and and I would love to know I played every day and I was really looking forward to winning the truck because I wreck mind and really needed to win so if it’s been won ;lease let us know . Thank You .

  3. How awesome would it be for a smaller prize Winner to become the Next PCH Millionaire. 😁☺️🤩 Yes I know
    The Excitement is so real@ Pch. Happy Entering everyone 🤩

  4. 🎉🤩 CONGRATULATIONS Dottie & Brandon
    Many more Blessings to you both. 🎉 Dottie your Winning Wall of Frames are Beautiful & Inspiring🎉. 😊😁☺️😄
    I just Love Love Winning Moments.
    🎉Happy Entering everyone 🤩 Keep the Faith Believe
    Enter enter enter

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