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  1. Love this blog page. I’m not very computer literate. But here I am after all these yrs. Trying to figure out all the different steps to make sure I take advantage of every oppertunity to turn my dream into a reality. I really appreciate the information in your videos. My spam is full of emails fitting the scam descriptions you covered. I haven’t responded to any because they seemed pretty sketchy.
    I would like to thank You All at PCH, for all heart and dedication you put into helping people live out their dreams. How rewarding it must be to touch people’s lives in such a manner. God keep you an bless you for the blessing you are. I appreciate this oppertunity from you and all those at PCH to turn my dream into a reality. I’m working very hard to insure I do my part in towards living a dream come true. I’m not a tech savvy person so please forgive my lack of comprehension in certain areas. I love playing the games. I have acquired a few favorites. The reactions of the winner videos is priceless. For my husband and I to retire and be financially secure, experiencing what it truly feels like to have more than enough to just get by. Again Thank you all at PCH for all you do to make dreams come true. Sincerely ST

  2. Hi Pch… I m about ready to win this April 28th! I have been very patient for a long time since 1993 til now. I have a faith and knows in my heart I will win one day for my family!!! Thank you