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  1. Peace be with. You pch I so excite one more time wear are at. 1943 W Luke Ave. Phx Az 85015 we are here I justj hope Roman you make here

  2. I have always wanted to be a philanthropist and that is exactly what I would do with a substantial amount of the money is give it away. I have always wanted my own nonprofit organization as well. PCH is always welcome at my home! I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

  3. The very first thing i would do is get down on my knees and Thank God for His goodness, and cry, cry,cry. Second, pay my tithes and offerings. Third, pay off all my debts and my childrens. Find a financial advisor. And yes take a vacation. I have never experienced that before.Take my children and grandchildren.

  4. I would scream any jump and donate to hungry kid’s i hate to see people go hungry i buy a hamburger here and there for some one that’s hungry but can’t feed every one if I won would donate to hungry and fix my teeth thank you for a chance to Win love pch.

  5. If I won I would buy a house. And take care of my mom. Take family on a vacation because we have never been on one.

  6. I pray every single day that I win. I lost both of my children in 2016,3 months apart. Now if I win I would be able to leave something for my grandchildren in memory of their parents. As well I am raising my grandson and want to give him the world. My birthday is April 27th. This would be the best gift ever! I will know my children are really watching over us!

  7. I would scream jump up and down cry . I would donate buy me a big horse. And cattle ranch give back to PCH favorite and my favorite St Jude’s buy me and pay some bills off throw a big block party for PCH . Lol I would live the life of my dreams
    Ms . Janice Chase of Bushnell . Florida knock knock PCH hurry up with my cash. Love to you

  8. Make me and my families dream come true it will changed our lives like you wouldn’t image. Please this would be a journey of a life time, we would finally visit places we only dream about
    I will finally save our home and remolded it like we image as kids