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  1. I would be in shock cry speechless ,I would pay all the bills off buy a summerhouse in another state don’t know where yet give money to my kids and husband and charity vacations with my family buy cars for my kids and give my grandchildren money for there future and help my siblings to and maybe travel other states invest buy a bigger home maybe or keep this one I have and remodel and I don’t know what else I would do

  2. it would be a huge blessings to win any money . If i could win big , first thing i want to do is pay off my debts , next i would buy health insurance for my family members who can not afford it . Mostly my sister . she is 8 years younger than i am and already had two heart attacks and due to not having health insurance she has huge medical bills . I will pay all those off for her .. my sister is the most loving anf giving person i have ever met and deserves a break . There is of course more i would do with the money ,I just would just take care of my sister first .

  3. I have wanted to to move to kayaking Wisconsin am 80 year-old am wanting to be near my nieces and end my life there bee trying to sell my home to make the move winning I would be able to move right away and share with them.

  4. I just want to win a little something, I can share as long there is something but win big is nice to, what ever my blessing