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Are You Ready To Win “Forever” On October 26?

We guarantee that just days from now, on October 26th, one lucky Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entrant will win $2,500 A Week Forever! That means $2,500 a week for the rest of that person’s life plus – after that – $2,500 a week for the life of a loved one the winner chooses! Wow!

I wish we could guarantee the weather we Prize Patrol’ers will face on October 26th. That’s a tricky time of year. Bathing suits might still be possible in the Sunbelt, or maybe we’ll need down-parkas up north. Wherever, we will be prepared!

But will you be prepared? Will you have taken advantage of all the opportunities to enter our sweepstakes and win? We can guarantee that if you do not enter you will not win! And what a shame that would be for you and for the loved one you choose to keep collecting $2,500 for life!

And talking about preparedness, will you be prepared to welcome the Prize Patrol to your door? So many winners tell us they have dreamed about experiencing the “winning moment” – how they will react, what they will say to the TV cameras, how they will be dressed and coiffed. But when the Prize Patrol arrives out-of-the-blue all those “plans go out the window.” Winners are in shock, are not dressed for TV and stand speechless, often weak-kneed in tears.

That’s fine with us; our TV commercials have always showed the actual “winning moment” as it happens: totally unrehearsed, nothing fake about it.

The main thing is YOU want to be ready to win on October 26th – and that means guaranteeing your eligibility to win by timely entering every chance you get! By the way, if you’re not home on award day, don’t worry; we always find our winner – and that winner could be YOU!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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