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Will YOU Become Our Next “Forever” Prize Winner?

A Rap by Debbie K. about the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize

It is my endeavor,
It’s now or it’s never
To spotlight the people
Who have won “Forever.”

Because we’re awarding on February twenty-eight
A guaranteed “Forever” prize to make you wanna celebrate:
Five-K-a-Week for the life of the winner,
(Sounds to me like champagne every night with your dinner).
Plus, the payments continue after that for the life
Of someone the winner selects, like a wife
Or a husband or child – or your aunt in Philadelphia
Whoever you choose could become a little wealthier.

If you won all that great dough
You’d be Number 8, yo,
In our line of “Forever” prize winners to date – whoah!

You’d be in the company of Mr. John Wyllie
Who’s not quite as wealthy as Kiley or Miley,
But said that the first thing he’d do, and with pleasure,
Was to buy Dad a home with his newly-found treasure.

Michael Miller  was blessed with the second “Forever Prize”
He stood there in shock ‘cause he couldn’t believe his eyes!

The third one to win, Tamar Howard, was screaming
And beaming and dreaming, her life now is teeming
With financial possibilities and wishes without borders
Like a college education for both of her daughters!

Ryan Hart was stunned and speechless – he thought that he was seeing things,
When the Prize Patrol achieved its goal, awarding him some major bling!

Ora Gayton, in her nineties, had no idea cuando
She’d ever win BIG, now she lives in a condo!
Pretty sweet, what a treat, so deserving of cheers
After entering the sweepstakes for 38 years!

When the Prize Patrol knocked on her door, Joann Snyder
Was stunned to see Howie and Dave stand beside her.
She had won “Forever” – but had further surprises,
There were two more Big Checks for two bonus prizes!

Doug Butcher had fallen on hard times indeed
When the Prize Patrol gave him the windfall he’d need.
His own situation had become pretty bleak
But now he’s got twenty-five-hundred a week!
The “Forever” prize award is def gonna happen
So, don’t you go crazy, get lazy, start nappin’
You could join these winners, but there’s only one way …
You just gotta enter the Sweeps every day!

Debbie out! (mic drop)

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