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What Would Your “Thank You!” Note Say if You Win in Days?

Hey, my friends, if YOU won $5,000 A Week “Forever” — that’s $5,000 A Week For Life for the winner, and $5,000 A Week For Life after that for someone the winner chooses — you might be feeling pretty grateful.

So we’re curious: what would you write
in YOUR Thank You note if you won?

You can rest assured that every bill or overdue payment would be wiped off your plate FOR GOOD If the Prize Patrol rings your doorbell on Thursday — just two days from now.  Wouldn’t being debt-fee feel GREAT?!

With a weekly “salary” of $5,000 — adding up to $260,000 per year — the winner of our 8th “Forever Prize” could start shopping for a new “dream house.” If you become our 8th “Forever” Prize winner this Thursday, you could sign up with a real estate agent …  then sign on the dotted line for your beautiful new home.  Whoo-Hoo!

Do you worry about your loved ones — about how to help pay their dental bills, fix their leaking roofs, help out with car payments, buy your grandson’s hockey uniform or pay your daughter’s tuition? If you become our 8th PCH “Forever” Prize winner you could help the ones you love as never before! Whew … what a relief!

As a $5,000 A Week “Forever” winner, you’d receive $5,000 A Week for the rest of your life, with payments continuing after that for the lifetime of someone you name. Imagine, our winner could leave a legacy of financial freedomfor a spouse, son, daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece or special friend.  How wonderful! 

Our Guaranteed “Forever” Prize is about to be awarded — so tell us what YOUR Thank You note might say!

Your PCH Thank You note might say anything from “Thanks for helping me buy my new luxury car (or my designer bag or my Caribbean cruise)” to “Thanks for helping me pay for my daughter’s wedding (or my grandson’s braces or Mom’s assisted living fees).” YOU know exactly how you’d spend an astounding $5,000 A Week Forever” fortune!

In just two days – Thursday, February 28th — we’ll all know the identity of PCH’s 8th “Forever” Prize Winner (It certainly could be YOU, so keep those Thank You notes handy, just in case!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed …
Marybeth @ Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Hello, my name is Diesha. I been playing PCH for years and I will win the 5,000 a week for life. I’m manifest it and when I win I will help my family and friends and start organizing to help low income families with rent and food etc … give back to others and try to stop hunger and homeless. Please follow me on Facebook my name is Diesha.

  2. I have always dreamed of owning a HOME, I became disable and my husband kicked me out and divorced me 13 years ago. I love playing PCH games and have played for years. Just want to say Thank You for the Opportunity!!!

  3. It would Say “Thank You Lord for this awesome responsibility of watching over your money, until it can go to all the desperate people needing the world’s help, but have no one but faith keeping them alive, and it’s divine timing because it’s been so long. They’re running out of hope, this will restore the world’s faith in you and help to awaken the majority of the population so that we can begin to restore Love, Empathy And get back to only making decisions from a place of understanding and compassion. I thank and bless you Prize Patrol, you all are truly doing God’s Work and you do it well. In Baby Jesus’ name.”

  4. If I won I would pay off my Student loan Frist . Thank God!!! 🙂
    Then I would have my “Tiny” Home Built, a few of them to rent out or sale.
    Next, I would buy Property so I could have a “Tiny Home Community” to help people afford a First Time Home.
    I would help Feed the Needy, Homeless, Children, help Veterans go to places for Rest and Recuperation from Stress, PTSD, the Scourge of War.
    Set up a trust, invest, help Family .

  5. If I won, I’d buy a decent home, nothing flashy, for my family and put some money away. Pay off debt for my partner and I. So we’re not stressing. Pay for my grandmother’s medical bills, sibling’s nursing program, and up to date cars that are not breaking down on us. A chance to get ahead while still working. A better education for my kids and myself. Thank the lord for a blessing and give back, pay it forward and not be greedy, and give to the community to help in some way.

  6. I would thank Jesus for impressing PCH to pick me, and share to people how kind PCH is to me.
    I would cry and thank Danielle Lam PCH for her being her, she is pretty and intelligent, both of which love is born to help others. I love you all at PCH, thank you… and also I would keep buying from PCH stores.
    love always 2023, 2, 10.

  7. I would be eternally grateful.

    God bless! I have had a hard but honest life. My family didn’t want me and my life has been lonely with just my one dog. Hope in for a miracle!

  8. I would tell everyone how happy I was to win and thank all of them and tell the world how the money would help me help my community it would be a dream come true to make my community Energy independent With solar wind and hydro power oil refinery grainy co-op canary mill meat processing plant it could change so many lives for the better. I know it’s just a dream thank you

  9. I would say…rather I am saying in advance… thank you dearly Publisher’s Clearing House, from me and my brother Roman and some other friends and family. From the heart I have entered, prayed, waited, dreamed and believed that my Big day to win the Big PCH Prize of a lifetime would manifest! You all made this possible through the grace of God and I am on my way to happiness and freedom and helping others to make the world a better planet through the ARK (acts of random kindness) principles. This win is so heartwarming because I’ve waited and entered and hoped for so long! (Over 1 billion tokens, and years of whishing on a dream!!! I wish I could express the tears in my heart, but I finally can do more Divine works because of your gift and live a little sweeter! I wish you all love and light and safe journeys as you continue to bring hope and blessings through the magic of Publisher’s Clearing House! Hey maybe sometime I will travel with the PCH Prize patrol to congratulate a new winner! Thank you again…’Be the Miracle” and God Bless PCH!!! Brian