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Hello, my friends!

Do you love watching those cool home makeover shows on TV, where designers and contractors descend on someone’s house like a SWAT team … and leave the place so gorgeous and transformed, the owners scarcely recognize it?

Well here’s your chance to make that same “miracle” happen at your house — by entering to win $100,000 for a fabulous home makeover!

With $100,000 to spend on your Home Makeover, which room would YOU start with?

(Hint: I would if I could enter at and win $100,000 to spend on a home makeover!) Imagine: you could redo EVERYTHING from top to bottom: cabinets, counters, tiles, lights — and, of course, you could go shopping for top-of-the-line appliances and pay CASH.  Imagine how proud you’d be to show off a gorgeous new kitchen to your family and friends!

Or maybe you’d start with creating a luxurious new BATHROOM!  If you won $100,000, you could splurge on a deep new tub with Jacuzzi jets, a marble floor, recessed lighting, a sound system, designer fixtures and the softest, most luxurious towels you could find, in just the right colors.

You might want to transform your LIVING ROOM or BEDROOM first. You could spend your $100,000 winnings on gorgeous new furniture, carpeting, windows, lighting, flooring — without having to “settle” or skimp on the quality details. Enter now, and you could transform your favorite rooms into luxurious escapes that reflect your own personal style and taste.

Enter NOW and you could make your Home Makeover dreams come true!

Are you going to let a few clicks of the keyboard keep you from going for a FREE home remodeling to the tune of $100,000? Of course not!   

I hope you’ll take my advice and enter right now to win this huge cash prize And then…

Tell us WHY you’d love to win cash for a home makeover in the “Comments” section below!

I hope you win!

Your friend,
Marybeth, at Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Family of 4 with a 1920’s Cedar Shingle home in desperate need of updates, this would be amazing for our family as my husband is a disabled US army veteran and we get no financial assistance from the military. I’ve been trying to work on it by myself however, I can only do so much on my own. I’m located in Auburndale Florida.

  2. We have this beautiful and full of potential home that needs some TLC. My husband and I work very hard and have been wanting to fix the house since day one we bought it. However, our finances were never enough to do what we wish to do!
    We would love to see everything complete and have a little break. We would love to see our daughters being even more excited in her own home.

  3. My raised ranch country home on 6 plus acres will be turning 38 this year and is badly in need of a makeover. This would be a dream come true!