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Happy Thanksgiving, from Publishers Clearing House!

“T-Day” Greetings, my dear Blog pals!

Ask PCHers (like me) what we’re especially thankful for this Thanksgiving, and we’ll say “YOU.” No kidding: if it weren’t for our faithful friends (like you) who enter our contests, read our Blogs, play our games and search the Web with us, there would BE no us at 300 Jericho “Quad”!

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s a poem with a small sampling of the wonderful winners who’ve said “Thank You!” to our Prize Patrol over the past year ….

In JANUARY, E. Hargreaves became a big winner
He’ll give thanks for his $Million at Thanksgiving dinner
In FEBRUARY our Prize Patrol braved the cold weather
To tell Crystal Crawford she’d just won “Forever.”

And in MARCH C. Brumbaugh, who won $25 “Thou”
Told PCH doubters, “who’s laughing now?”
Then in APRIL, we set out for Euclid, Ohio
With Mike McNeill’s $Million — Oh me-oh, oh my-oh!

Come MAY, Michael Flaherty got quite a shock
As a new-minted Millionaire – doesn’t that rock?
Ms. Leon-Lorenzo gave thanks back in JUNE
For her $25,000.00, not a moment too soon!

JULY came in sizzling for C. Littlejohn
With a cool Million Dollars as his family looked on
In AUGUST, R. Williams in rural Kentucky
Won $5 Thousand A Week For Life — boy, that’s lucky!

In SEPTEMBER, K. Simmons of Howard Beach, Queens
Got $Ten Thousand Bucks from our Prize Patrol team
Just last month, in OCTOBER, (now I swear this is true)
We made 3 people millionaires — THAT rates a “Whoo-HOO!”

It’s NOVEMBER — Thanksgiving, when we all say a prayer
Of thanks for our blessings, despite worries and care.
There’s a guaranteed SuperPrize coming up yet again —
Say you’ll promise to enter — and we’ll all say “Amen!”

The best of health and happiness, from “Our House” to your house!

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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