#WinnerWednesday: More and More PCH Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends!

As I ask our Blog readers to comment whether they’ve won a PCH prize, more and more PCH winners keep coming forward! There are so many of you #WinnerWednesday Blog readers who have won cash and gift cards from Publishers Clearing House! And no wonder! PCH is bursting with giveaways and bursting with winners! And here are 4 more …

Look how happy Deb H. is with her $10.00 PCH check (see photo above). Deb believes she will absolutely win big someday. She says, “I started entering PCH years ago (maybe in 90s) through the mail. A business acquaintance, Bob Castleberry won $10 million from PCH so I knew it was real. I have entered PCH daily online since 2016. I have no doubt my dream will materialize and the PCH team will be here with balloons, champagne and my big fat check. PCH makes me optimistic. I’m a believer and a winner.”

Leah F. writes “I won twice!!! $10!! It’s so amazing that PCH lets us play for free!!! Good luck to everyone who plays!!! And, thank you for Giving Back to St. Jude!! We all love you for it!!!”

Avery H. may have won only $1.00 and $5.00 but really loves to enter to win. “I play hard and I’m determined to win big.”

Avery believes that entering the PCH Sweeps “builds integrity,” that “it’s a challenge like chess,” and that it has been a big help during “this crazy COVID-19 ordeal.”

Avery’s advice to all of you is this: “Listen up! You can win – small or big – but you’ve got to play. Join me. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s a comfort during these sad times.”

Finally, Francine F. posted this comment here on the blog: “I am playing daily in multiple entries. I have won $5 four times now and praying for a big WIN. I enter on phone and computer. Keep the FAITH.”

So there you go, fans and friends, four more PCH winners. And you can be sure there are more to more to come. There could even be a PCH check in the future with YOUR name on it! All you’ve got to do is enter, enter, enter!

I look forward to reading about your “winning moments” in the comments below and maybe even sharing your stories with readers of future #WinnerWednesday blogs.

Good luck,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I had the high score 10/8/20…..47750
    Never posted in my name…..someone with the score…39600 won…

    1. That’s most likely why, Sheila. I believe PCH needs to have a name of the winner but also the address to so they can mail the money to you. If you have an account on the PCH website, you should be able to enter your name and address. Then, if you win anything you should be able to receive the money.

      Sorry that you didn’t get anything though.

  2. Today I just won my 3rd $10 prize and one for $5 for this year. I’ve been playing by mail since the ’70s and online since 2005. I used my COVID stimulus check to buy a new mobile phone because my old phone could not play the PCH App. Now I play on the PC and my mobile device daily and this year is the 1st time I ever one anything from PCH. Thank you for the winnings PCH.

  3. I have won $5 and $10! I started playing in 1993. My favorite game is Mahjong 3D. Very hard to beat it. I like a challenge!!!
    I still believe I am going to win big. Persevere!

  4. 10/09/2020
    Today I give my Bottle to you ,My Angels Say Wednesday Winner…Human Faith + Holly Faith The Victory Of no one can change The Word of God Plan …I can’t say words

  5. I won $10 last month & just received it recently👍🏼
    Every little bit helps – and Im still trying to win a big one so I can be with family again & know what love is again.

  6. I’m still waiting to hear from you about someone claiming my PCH prize this is Macie Takahashi you know just make you talk about you at gmail.com it’s me