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#WinnerWednesday: Meet 6 Happy PCH Winners

Greetings, fans and friends!

Do you know what my favorite part of these #WinnerWednesday blogs are? Reading the emails from the PCH fans who have won smaller prizes. When I contact them for permission to appear on the PCH blog, they don’t just consent … they’re so happy to win they write paragraphs upon paragraphs telling me how long they’ve been entering, which sites they enter on, and how they look forward to becoming SuperPrize winners in the future. These PCH winners may have received checks for $10 or $20 or even $100, but they’re truly motivated to win BIG!

Elizabeth R. (there she is in the photo above with multiple checks) was thrilled to share her PCH story. She explains that a couple of years ago, she saw PCH SuperPrize winners featured in our TV commercials and it occurred to her, “Why not? It looks like fun. Plus, it’s FREE!” So, she registered online and started playing PCH Slots.

Then, in June 2016, she received a letter from PCH that read “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE won! HERE’S YOUR PRIZE CHECK!” “I was very happy and jumped,” Elizabeth says, “until I saw I won $5.00. ONLY $5.00, that was the ‘cold shower.’” Elizabeth explains that the feeling lasted for only a second, and then she jumped up and down again and again and again, shouting “I WON!!!! This is really REAL, I CAN WIN!!!!!!” Maybe it was just $5.00, she told herself, but MAYBE next time it would be more … or even the BIG ONE.

After that day, Elizabeth won $5.00 three more times! She tells me she enters every day, at home, on her lunch break at work … on her laptop and on her phone. She enters on every PCH site, and if she is lucky enough to someday win the PCH SuperPrize, she wants to quit her two jobs, enjoy her family and friends, and play tennis for her health and for fun!

Kimberly L. received $10 checks over several month and “still keeps going on.” Kimberly loves to play PCHlotto, PCHkeno, Quizmania and more. Her advice to all of you is this: “Keep the faith! Remember to enter every day in every way possible! Believe that you will win it soon!”

Not only did Car-Mile W. send me this lovely picture of herself, she also sent me several photos of checks she has won (in all, she’s won 20 different prizes from PCH over the years, ranging from $5 to $125). And she is such a big PCH fan she sent me photos of the “vision board” she’s created that includes photos of the Prize Patrol, pictures of things she’d do if she won, and special words and sayings that motivate her to stay in it to win it.

Car-Mile explains, “I am a Red Diamond VIP Elite with over 2 billion tokens. I consider myself as a PCH Professional Entrant (LOL). I was raised helping my Grandmother Mary with her PCH Sweepstakes entries. When I turned 18 I started entering PCH Sweepstakes – that was 24 years ago.”

Car-Mile loves playing games at and on the apps. She enters the PCH Sweeps by mail, by calling in her entry on PCH’s toll-free number (1-800-459-4724), as well as on many of our sites. “My favorite thing to do is to watch PCH Winning Moments on YouTube while I fill out my postcard entries,” she adds. “My advice would be to keep the faith and never give up on your dreams.”

Yolanda H., a $10 PCH winner, writes that she’s been entering PCH since she was a teenager, mostly through the mail but also on the computer and via the apps.

“I try to use the PCH app daily because they have made it so easy to use,” she says. “It has links to all my favorite games like Mahjong Minute and Solitaire. The app also has links to PCH Front Page,, PCH Games, PCH Slots, etc. It’s convenient and I love it!!”

Yolanda adds, “Thank you for being a nice simple distraction in these critical times. It brings me joy and lifts my spirits to watch the PCH winner videos past and present. And yes, it is my hope to one day win a big life-changing prize. Thanks, PCH for all you do and for always being a free sweepstakes.”

Gerrianne S. comments on the blog, “I, too, won money from PCH but I put MY check near my bed in a picture frame.” She adds, “WE LOVE YOU PCH angels with invisible wings XO always & THANK YOU.”

Last but not least, Randy R., who has won two $10 checks from PCH simply writes, “Thanks, PCH.” Keep on entering, Randy – you never know what’ll happen!

Congratulations to all these winners! Your stories are so inspiring – and Car-Mile, your “vision board” sounds awesome!

Fans and friends, keep on entering! I look forward to reading about your “winning moments” in the comments below and maybe even sharing your stories with readers of future #WinnerWednesday blogs.

Good luck,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I want to win and am proving to myself that there is something to being positive with focusing on what I want and helping others , thx PCH we need this