Where Will Dave Sayer Appear Next?

Visiting New York in the summer was always a family tradition. We have many relatives here, so we visit as often as possible. A favorite place to go has always been my Great-Aunt’s summer home on the Long Island Sound.

Since I’ve been doing a summer internship at Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Headquarters in Long Island, NY this summer, it was convenient for me to make an afternoon visit to my Aunt recently. Hugs were exchanged and conversation was quickly made. All of a sudden, I heard my name being called from a distance. Thinking I was going crazy, I subtly glanced around. Lo and behold Dave Sayer, the face of Publishers Clearing House, was standing on the deck next door waving eagerly at me!

Apparently Dave has had a summer home next to my Aunt for years. We said “hello” and talked to each other across the yard, but I soon returned to chatting with my Aunt. Seeing as how it was high tide on a beautiful day, my aunt, mom and I decided to swim. As I was swimming around in the Long Island Sound, Dave kayaked over to me, telling me there was something important I needed to do for him on Monday at work. (I just happen to work in the same department as Dave Sayer.) He explained my task as I tread water and he floated, and when all was said and done he thanked me and paddled away.

When I got to work on Monday, I fulfilled my task and shared my story with fellow PCH employees. I was talking to Deborah Holland, the Executive Vice President of PCH, and she said, “When work needs to be done, we PCHers will stop at nothing! Next time Dave will parachute out of the sky to find you!” I laughed, but after being here for a few weeks I have noticed the real dedication Publishers Clearing House employees put into their work, and how proud they are to know each has a hand in the process of delivering those giant sweepstakes prize checks to our lucky prize drawing winners.

Liz D.

PCH Summer Intern

64 thoughts on “Where Will Dave Sayer Appear Next?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    I would love if its in the state of Louisiana

    1. Carla M Antee says:

      In the state of Louisiana

  2. Elsa Torres says:

    I really like PCH but just too many e-mails per day. But just maybe one day Dave will appear at my doorsteps with the $5000 per week check or a few millions!!!

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    Natchitoches I pray! We would love to see him!

  4. Bille Lacy says:

    I won’t to win but so far it to many scam our her somebody name daivid green is out to get people so if he inbox u tell him find some one better to do I got kids to feed in take care of and to tech them in leave them into a better understand and life.

  5. Zarian Crump says:

    I really pray and wish upon a star that I can win this November 25, 2014 from PCH gwy. no. 4900 hundred. I really could use $10,000 dollars a week for life. First thing I would do is go to the bank to deposit it on my debit card to help my mother pay the bills.

  6. this whole prigram is just so rigged before they pic a winnrt

  7. Ahmed says:

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  8. kenneth lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080,in april
    Win 10 million never work again
    Work on retirement , travel keep playing pch meet the prize patrol first dollar I spend see if the prize patrol hungry u can get hungry carring that big check balloons flowers driving that van to my house.lol!!!!
    Good luck to everybody

  9. kenneth lucas says:

    I wamt to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 april 21st
    I hear to claim my prize why . Because I wanna win
    And after I win in going to keep playing pch
    Good luck to every body

  10. Sandy Horton says:

    Phyllis, don’t hold your breath–you aren’t going to win ANYTHING!

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