Follow the Prize Patrol Live During Prize Deliveries!

If you want to follow the travels of the PCH Prize Patrol as they award prizes across the country, you should check out our new site called PRIZE PATROL LIVE. You can find it at

The site is a lot of fun. You can scroll over a map of the USA and watch where the Prize Patrol is headed. This week, during our Prize Patrol Blitz, 58 Prize Patrol deputies will be on the road delivering prizes. Visit the PRIZE PATROL LIVE site to find out if they’re coming to your area.

New information will be added each day as the Prize Patrol approaches their destinations and surprise more unsuspecting Publishers Clearing House winners.

Let us know if you like the PRIZE PATROL LIVE site!

Deborah Holland


Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House

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  1. I pray the next time you come to my city it is actually me you are coming to see and not someone else, lol, I followed all the clues, had it all figured out that it was here and then it was someone else, I about passed out. Ah well, in a couple of days perhaps I can have a winning moment too, God bless you all and safe travels wherever your road may lead.

  2. Think like I do keep your happiness on reserve only let loose when they as how up at your door,that way u never disappointed, but always believe you have just a good a chance of winning as anyone else.. the first clue I knew it wasn’t me maybe next time ????? ???? ???