Hoping for a PCH Prize Delivery

Just Out Of The Shower, Just in Case

As you may know by now, we like to catch our winners by surprise and bring some completely unexpected joy into their lives. But sometimes, every so often, word gets around BEFORE we reach the town we’re visiting that PCH is on the way there for a prize delivery. This is the story of how one Publishers Clearing House winner found out her chances of us showing up were looking up!

When it’s time for a prize drawing and the winner is randomly selected by the computer, we scurry to prepare for our trip to the area. Not until the winners are picked does the PCH Prize Patrolhave any idea where we’ll be going. We have to book flights and hotel rooms all at the last minute! We also contact the local media and give them as much notice as we can that we’ll be coming to a certain area to surprise a winner—but we never reveal who the winner is! Usually, the media will meet us at the florist on the prize delivery day and “file” their story later that day. But sometimes they begin reporting a little early, in this case, almost a week early! “Publishers Clearing House will be in town surprising a local winner…” the story pretty much told all residents. And guess what? Our winner, being an avid PCH Sweepstakes entrant, saw the story and got herself ready “just in case”!

Funnily enough, she thought the PCH prize award team would be arriving in town around noon, but because we had TWO winners in the same area to surprise that day, we began a little early and got to her around 10:30 in the morning. We pulled the Prize Patrol Van into her driveway and quietly snuck up to her door. She had just gotten out of the shower and quickly threw some clothes on to answer the door. And despite her “just in case” mentality, she really didn’t expect the PCH Prize Patrol to show up at her doorstep with a prize delivery. She was blown away by the surprise winning moment and so overjoyed to see us! The photo here shows our happy winner just a few minutes after we surprised her and the joy on her face speaks for itself!

PCH Winner B Marshall

If you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, maybe you’ll know that feeling of joy someday, too!

Good luck!

Sean B. and Jack Q.


84 thoughts on “Hoping for a PCH Prize Delivery”

  1. When you know it with your heart and mind and soul and say the words I’m the next winner of the pch. Sweepstakes.

  2. campbell says:

    MichelleCampbell ,hoping for a early pch surprise soon.

  3. I think I really may have won, I just have some godly feeling telling me pch is on there way and I have no way of knowing and my parents and brother are like there’s no way… but I honestly think I won, it’s just a godly feeling that I can’t explain

  4. I love playing pch games for fun at first I played for the money but then I continued to play for fun

  5. Tammie Davis says:

    BTW why is there never a winner from Mississippi? Im praying I will be the first!!!!

  6. Tammie Davis says:

    There is so much I want to do for those around me and in my community. My church just established and outreach program and I know this money can change and enhance a lot of lives. Yes. I want to help my family but I want to help those in need whom I don’t know too. Gods got this blessing for me!!! with my name on it!!!

  7. Bruce L Brinkman says:

    The door is open to you 24/7 as long as you bring my BIG check with you.
    Social Security is not as good as I had hoped so I need the BIG check so I
    can take better of myself and give my social security to someone who needs it.

  8. PCH you are welcome at my home. Can’t wait to see my big check. Thanks PCH Thank-you Jesus!

  9. Annie says:

    This has been a long traveling road for me but it is worth it so come on down to texas u all ways welcome to my humbling home see yall soon
    dont be late geting hear

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