PCH Prize Patrol Dispatched

Travel plans have been finalized and the PCH Prize Patrol has been dispatched. They are on a new mission to make a surprise $1 Million SuperPrize award to a new Publishers Clearing House winner.

The Prize Patrol van will be full because accompanying the cash sweepstakes prize award team will be our PCH Goodwill Ambassador, Natalie Bostelman, and a film crew from a TV series about how winning a big prize changes people’s lives. All of those people will have to fit in addition to the balloons, dozen roses and the Big Check!

Anticipation is building at PCH Sweepstakes headquarters. All of our employees are wondering who the next PCH SuperPrize winner will be. Will he or she have a tearful winning moment or a leaping for joy Publishers Clearing House moment?

We won’t know until we watch the winner announcement
on NBC TV in a commercial during the NBC Nightly News, and then watch the video footage on PCHTV.com.

In the meantime, we’ll watch the progress of cash prize delivery notices on the Prize Patrol Live site and wish our PCH Prize Patrol a safe journey.

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

979 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Dispatched”

  1. ryan d says:

    You guys I would a be so if see some time in life

  2. Kim Wakefield says:

    Wow a change is real good I’m all in and the early bird can’t sleep so I’m always early

  3. Scott Hoxie says:

    My name is Scott T. Hoxie I have a lot of medical problems, it starts with my back had 3 surveyed ans one fusion,2 knee replacements.,blood clots in both legs.very hard time walking. Please Prize Patrol come to my house. My number is -4900. I’ve been ordering things for yrs. Since 2008. Thanks Dave,Todd,and Danielle Lam. Thank you very much.Mr.Scott T. Hoxie……

    1. Devorah ortuno says:

      When I win cash out/ you’ll win too

  4. jmasias305 says:

    I jesus m. Gives full consent if i should win
    the big lucky suoer prize

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