Winning Sweepstakes Prize Numbers Not Found

In a recent sweepstakes prize drawing for 18 sweepstakes winners, only 7 winning numbers were claimed and 11 sweepstakes prizes went unclaimed!

I reviewed the prize drawing report myself. Seven of these sweepstakes winners were smart enough to send back their entries and ended up receiving the good news that they had each won a cash sweepstakes prize. But, incredibly, more than half of the people who had received a winning bulletin never bothered to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and never found out that they, too, could have been one of the sweepstakes winners.

What did we do about these “unclaimed prizes”? A second chance random drawing was held to select 11 alternate sweepstakes winners from among all the people who were smart enough to send in their PCH contest entry by the deadline. Boy, were each of those entrants happy to hear they had won a cash sweepstakes prize!

That’s why we often encourage you to enter the PCH Sweepstakes each and every time you hear from us because you never know which one might be a winner … and you don’t want to be one of those “unclaimed prize” folks, especially with $5000 A Week for Life at stake!


Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  1. I want to claim my superprize numbers for giveaway 8800. I want to claim my lotto mega numbers for tonight’s drawing😱😱😱🌹🙋

  2. PCHsearch&win:Entry status with FORTHCOMING Prize number incomplete:6747 7387 4117)(43 1662 0995)(9634 3503 7415)(9436 4364 4310)(9438 4179 7919)(36 0708 3737)(9834 4337 9316)(9635 6584 9519)(7044 1056 6712)I CLAIM EACH one of my Prize Number to win $1,000,00 a day for life still up for grabs!FROM PCH Gwy,No, 8800,
    Thank you,

  3. Please Lord! I…Tamara Sanders am claiming ownership and registering my prize winning numbers for the October 13 sweepstakes. Thank you PCH

  4. Yes I want to win big! So busy careing for others,and wanting to care for some that I see needing help! However, I have nothing to help ones out that really need it.