Who Will Win the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize?

The answer to that question is a secret. The answer won’t be known until August 31st, the day that I will lead our Prize Patrol to some lucky person’s door, ring the bell and announce, “You are Publishers Clearing House’s newest millionaire!”

I know that many of you out there are hoping and praying that the winner will be YOU. I know this because last week I got many emails via Facebook and the PCH blog wishing me a happy birthday – with a p.s.: “I sure hope to meet you in person August 31st! That will be the happiest day of my life!”

Yep, my birthday somehow got out there on the internet. Thank you one and all for your kind greetings. (Want to take as guess as to my actual birthdate and year? That’s a secret – although I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same as a famous movie star. You can post your guess as a comment on this blog.)

You can also take a guess as to what state the Prize Patrol will be visiting on August 31st – and tell us why you think so. We’d be interested in hearing what you have to say.

The winner and state will appear in a commercial announcement on The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on Tuesday, August 31st (Check local listings for time and channel). Then you can see the actual “winning moment” at pchtv.com – where you can also see videos of many other huge cash prize awards.

By the way, besides the August 31st SuperPrize, there are lots of other prizes to be won at Publishers Clearing House all year round. Just click here on this link to pch.com and check out all the opportunities to Play and Win!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


202 thoughts on “Who Will Win the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize?”

  1. Pamela Stevens says:

    Most people in Florida feel the same after learning that PCH announced winners falsely in the $10,000 V.I.P. Award then the next day sent emails to about 10 people saying it was a mistake. Gee if PCH is happy to satisfy their players, especially their V.I.P.s who suppose to be so special then pay them Dave???????????????

  2. Well my name is Michael, Brandon Williams and August 31st is my birthday so I hope to see the Prize patrol final I’ve been entering for it every day for a long time be a blessing to me and my family!!!!

  3. lgbridge says:

    I hope whoever wins is happy and that it helps them a lot we all struggle from time to time if it is me it is a blessing for me and my 2 year old daughter if not we keep our heads up and know that we will get by okay and that God felt someone else needed it more Good luck to everyone out there and may luck be with you

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