PCH’s $1 Million Sweepstakes Winner is from Michigan!

The PCH Prize Patrol was anxious to surprise the newest $1 Million Sweepstakes winner on November 30th in Grand Ledge Michigan.  We woke up bright and early to gather roses, champagne, balloons, the signature big check, and meet with local Michigan media in preparation for the much anticipated million dollar winning moment.  The way the morning began, you would have had no idea that this sweepstakes winner, who won with an online entry, would be so hard to track down!

The Prize Patrol arrived at Julie Laughlin’s house along with local media right on schedule.  Here we go!  The crowd rushed to the door with video cameras rolling ready to capture the big reaction, just to find that…Julie wasn’t home!  Moving on to plan B, the crowd knocked on a neighbor’s door looking for help in tracking her down.  Luckily, we met boisterous neighbor Kathy Feighner who was the perfect accomplice!  Kathy offered us a phone book to find relatives, gathered other neighbors for help, and her daughter even made us delicious hot chocolate as we waited in the cold!  After 2 hours of investigation filled with endless phone calls, dead ends, and a few hang ups, it was finally discovered that Julie was an hour away visiting a family member in the hospital.  Luckily, Julie’s son Ben convinced her to come home immediately.

After 3 hours of waiting in anticipation, the winning moment was finally here – Julie Laughlin pulled up to her house to find a crowd of family, friends, her grandchildren, neighbors,  cocker spaniel, and the Prize Patrol holding an oversized $1 Million Dollar Publishers Clearing House Check!  Julie was overwhelmed with emotion, crying tears of joy and hugging her loving family.  She told us that the money couldn’t have come at a better time as she was on the verge of losing her home!  Julie plans on using her newfound fortune by paying bills, paying her friend back who helped her financially last month and of course buying Christmas presents for her three beautiful grandsons. Once on the verge of losing her house in Grand Ledge Michigan, Julie Laughlin now has plans of adding on!

$1 million SuperPrize winner

Julie Laughlin was tough to get a hold of that day, but she certainly was worth the 3 hour chilly wait.  I personally was touched to see how deeply Julie was loved by her friends and family.  Everyone kept telling us that Julie Laughlin was special and the money couldn’t have gone to a nicer person, and I agree.  Her tearful winning moment reaction didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.  Thank you to all the friends and family who kept us warm with kindness (and hot chocolate) and helped us track down Julie in order to create this unforgettable Publishers Clearing House winning moment!  Congratulations Julie Laughlin!  We are proud to call you our newest sweepstakes millionaire winner!

Julie’s winning entry came from a Publishers Clearing House online email which you can receive by visiting www.pch.com.  Listen to Julie, our newest millionaire, who urges everyone to get on your computers and become an online sweepstakes participant at PCH.com. Maybe you can become the next big winner! You can see Julie Laughlin’s $1 Million winning moment video on PCHTV.com.


Danielle Lam

Prize Patrol Elite

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Cindy Bonneau said...

The winning moments on PCHTV are priceless..not so much with Julie finally arriving at the scene to be presented her check BUT I love the captions on the “Let’s check out the neighbors” and thoughout the film and when you speed up the film (you had to laugh-even though I know everyone was frustrated at that point with the winner not being there..)-Kathy Feighner is the real star for the day! She was truly so excited for her neighbor BUT more excited to see her local anchorman then the PCH Prize team..*laughing* she was dressed how PCH would like their winners to be in a BATHROBE!!! I hope PCH does something special for Kathy because she was so helpful and she made the winning moment fun to watch.. “Maybe a box of the Chocolates-or a basket of goodies??” And before I forget the man behind the scenes at PCH.. JOE (prizeguy) Well done with captioning the moment, keeping us in suspense with the photos, nearly gave me a heart attack this time with the picture of Krogers (and it was raining here) and love the end WE LOVE PCH. COM!
BEST WISHES JULIE. —NO WORRIES about your home this year!-This will be a GREAT Christmas with your Grandsons..

Natalie Bostelman said...

Great article, Danielle! Despite the cold, this was a great experience. Julie’s family and friends were so warm and welcoming. As we talked to them, we KNEW we had to meet our newest winner! I am so thankful that we did. She was absolutely humble and grateful. I know she will truly enjoy her Christmas with her family.

Congrats, Julie!


~Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Gooodwill Ambassador

James Garnett said...

Congrats Miss Julie I hope things get better for you and the family and true family and friends are worth they’re weight in gold,maybe not at today’s prices hahaha just kidding,have a wonderful time and be a blessing to you and yours.

Lynda Enright said...

Ms.Laughlin…congrat to you. Wishing you good health, love, happiness and peaceful days in your future for you and all those you care for.

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol said...

We certainly thanked Kathy Feighner and her daughter for being so kind and helpful – a bottle of red and white wine for Kathy, and two boxes of chocolate for her daughter! YAY neighbors!

calvert robinson said...

i wish that can be me one day

colette wallace said...

I want to thank Danielle Lam for sending me the video of my winning moment. I appreciate it Danielle.

Nancy Sexton said...

Awesome!! These “winning moment” stories just keep getting better and better!!
Come to think of it – if we were to ever win, I don’t think we could EVER match those stories!!!
It’s all in the Lord’s will!!! He’ll supply the completed good stories!!!

God Bless to all of PCH and everyone!!! And thanks, too!!


James Garnett said...

I know that’s right Calvert me too

gail block said...

Tell me this why does mostly all the winner’s say they were about to lose their homes from the look of them and what’s inside i have to say sure really ok

    tatiana tiron said...

    I do not believe anyone ……. happy may be just the person who lives in prosperity ….. and tote are those who do not have this wealth. For example, I have long lost their home, all my wealth – my family …… also play your lottery ……. I hope you are lucky – hope springs eternal ….

Donyea N.Wilson said...

I have been playing since I found out I could no longer hold down a normal job due to the advance stage of my multiple ScleroisesI just need to sit down more often.

Donyea N.Wilson said...

It sure would be great if the prize patrol could pay me a visit with a visit with a million dallors

Karen Allen said...

Natalie and Danielle you are both such great ambassadors of good will and faith. I find your good hearts and generosity so admirable. Ms. Julie is probably a very deserving woman, and seems to have neighbors that really care a LOT about her. She is blessed (julie) in many ways I think.

Patricia said...

I am so very happy for you and your family. I know too well the sadness and frustration in trying and doing everything possible in trying to save ones home — and nothing is working — because that’s exactly our experience at this time. You have indeed received a great blessing. I wish you and your family a lot of happiness.

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol said...

Thank you so much Karen…you are always so sweet! ~Danielle

Patricia M said...

Dear Mr. Dave Sayer,

I am writing to you to tell you a very heartfelt “thanks,” for having helped so many people and families and to tell you our story. I do hope you have a few minutes to read this.

I am a mother and grandmother who is coming into my 60th birthday next year – many of my grandchildren still believes that I am sixteen – I make that clear on every birthday. I do look at least 20 years younger. But my body must know the difference and have not seen a doctor is years.

I have been supporting my family for years. We moved into our rented home almost nine years ago. In this home my grandchildren seem to have flourish. My son-in-law, worked until he could not work anymore due to a severe badly damaged heart. One of my younger brother came to visit me some years ago and never left because he came down with an illness which he is still under intense treatment for. We have recently applied for state medical benefits which we are still waiting to receive as none of us have had medical insurance for years. My son-in-law health had deteriorated so badly that unless I pay each week $190 for his heart medications, he would have died and he is only in his 30’s. He broke his back several years ago working construction, a rod was placed in his back and today he walks bending forward like a very old man, he is a walking miracle by his doctors then.

There were times when I paid for his medication we could not eat and he has to eat to be able to take the medication to live.

My problems really began with the recession. My income fell drastically and have yet to recover from that.

Two and a half years ago I started a business – just before many people knew that we were in a recession

Our business began. The money was the last of that which I was ever able to save. We saw an opportunity and went for it – I thought then that with the success of that business, we would very soon be able to earn the down payment for us to purchase a home of our own.

My credit scores were in the high 760’s then. Yet even so, I was never able to purchase a home for lack of enough money for a down payment. Owning a home of our own is always first on our priority list and one I pray for daily.

With my brother’s has internal problems, he cannot work. There are twelve people who lives with me – seven are my young grandchildren. I have a total of sixteen grandchildren however I directly provide for the seven that are here. These days I can hardly do that and certainly I am not in any condition to help the rest of grandchildren or the rest of children, with the exception of my youngest son who is among my five adult children – though he does not live with me, I still try to contribute to help him so he does not fall backwards in life again.

I was forced to move our business from the first location which was a prime location to one, well not so prime.

That was due to the new landlords of our first location had given us 24 hours to move – they had another tenant who was willing to pay them much more.

Just prior to that I had just gotten a loan from a private agency here, with one of my son, who co-signed for the loan. He had placed his only home up as security for my loan, now it seem he may lose his home because of me!

The loan was $50,000. Like me, had always given all he has out of love. Over the years he had lost everything with the exception of the only home he has and lives in. and he was willing to put it up to secure my business loan, and he did.

The loan amount mostly went to purchase equipment for our business, for following our first year at our first location, we began to grow significantly and needed the two equipments to help us to grow even more.

The woman who did the loan papers, was always demeaning and condescending to me during the whole loan process. She told me I was not worth $150,000 dead or alive and she would only give me $50,000. When we were evicted by our first location’s new landlords, we were devastated but we knew we had to get into another place quickly or the loan woman would recall the loan, and my son would loose his home!

With the little money we had, we quickly found another place in this other sub-prime location which did nothing for us.

We were starting from the bottom again, but things were worse this time. In order to give to our business I could not allow our personal lives to take a nose dive, I tried to give all to both, but my credit ratings tumbled into the 500’s – I signed personally as well for everything having to do with my business for I am its president.

At our new not so prime location, I, under contract must pay for everything even when NO customers comes in – the hardly come in, but still in my mind “I have to keep this place open for the loan woman will recall my loan and take away my son’s home, so I have to save the business and I must save our home for we will have nowhere to live!”

I could see it coming, that I would not be able to pay everyone or anyone in October 2010 for there was little to no money to pay others, other than the one meal for my family meals and to pay for medication for my family to keep them alive. The days of robbing from Peter to Pay Paul was over, for there was no money to pay Peter in the first place.

In November 2010 I was unable to pay the month’s installment of $1,500 – of the loan. The woman called me to say that I’d better get her money or she will take my son’s home and recall the loan! That was 9:15 PM at night when she was telling me this. She demanded payment on this day, today December 6, 2010. I told her that might not happen on this day, that I will get back to her this week to let her know when this week I will make the payment – even though I have not a clue from where the money would come to pay her! I cried knowing I was about to betray my son’s trust.

My lease payment of $1,500 is due today at my business – last month I could only pay the landlord there $1,300. She was angry and stormed out saying we were nothing!

The loan company had my landlord to sign a statement stating that if I become in default, the landlord must turn my business over to the loan company —and per the loan documents, she would also take my son’s home! I cannot consult with a lawyer even if I wanted to, there is no money to pay a lawyer!

If that’s not enough, the landlord for our home is threatening to kick us out of his home which has been our home for the last 8 to 9 years. I am late on his rent as of November, 2010 and this month has yet to be paid.

Last Friday night was the lowest that I can recall feeling, emotionally I dropped to the floor praying and crying. (Friday was December 3, 2010)

My daily teaching to other have been, “faith” and unconditional “love” for all people could not find it in me to at least “like” myself.

Before last Friday, I still had faith and hope that things will get better. Friday night all hell seem to have broken loose on me and my family. I recalled loan woman words to me, “You are not anything. You don’t even have a home that you own. You have nothing and you are nothing!” I began to feel that I was really nothing! – On Friday, December 3, 2010.

That was this past weekend, now today is Monday and I cannot help anyone! I am calling around to find a new home for us to live in, one that is larger than this one for a lot less money, but I do not have a penny to rent any new home – if I had that money I would most likely pay these people. I did find a home which would allow each person to have a bedroom at a lot less than I am paying for our home now but am unable to follow through with that.

One of my youngest grandson wants us to have a winter home in FL, so we all get on the internet to look at homes there – our excitement and that which we do for pleasure. Another grandson wants to study movie making, so he has to be in the North. Going to college for him is in a holding pattern for now.

But months ago, my young wanted to know when PCH was coming to our home? I told him “They will come very soon.” At nights, I can hear them praying to God about this.

I know PCH has helped a lot of people that needs the help and I thank you for doing this. I smile each time I see a yet another winner and happy that whatever they were facing, at least now positive changes has come for them.

I looked and did not see any major winners from my state — who might have won from PCH. This is a good city, but there are a lot of suffering going on here also.

My family and I are among them.

Last month, Thanksgiving I wrote on your blog. I indicated we might not have a Thanksgiving meal. We were able to scramble by selling some of our personal things – which believe me is not much, just to be able to get a Thanksgiving meal on the table for my family. We shared what we had with another needy family who contacted us through our company’s website and delivered it to them the night before Thanksgiving.

We, are not more needy than others but we are also not any less needy.

Perhaps PCH you might also offer smaller gifts in the $100,000 out of the One Million – so more people can benefit? Just an idea.

Thank you.

Wes T. said...

Hey, could anyone from pch send me bulletins to my e-mail so I can have the same oppurtunity as everyone else. I used to get it when the summer 5k a week first came out. But ever since then I dont get nothing from pch. So Ive been going straight to the web site not knowing that I need a matching number in order to win. So pretty much Ive been doing it for nothing to think about it!. I would greatly appreciate it. Thankz

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Wes,

    We are sorry to hear that you are not receiving your promotional e-mails. Please be aware that you do not need to receive e-mails to enter the sweepstakes. Entering by http://www.pch.com is just as valid. Once your entry is transmitted to PCH Headquarters, it will be assigned a SuperPrize Number. Your name and number is kept on file at headquarters until Giveaway end.

    If you are using junk mail filtering, please add publisherclearinghouse@superprize.pch.com to your email address book so you can be sure these get delivered to your inbox.

    If your e-mails are not being filtered, please clear your cookies in your web browser and visit our website at http://www.pch.com. Click ‘Begin’ on our homepage. Complete your information and ensure that the box titled, “YES! I’d like to be informed of special contests and offers from pch.com and their partners.” is checked off. You should start receiving e-mails within 10 days. If you do not receive e-mails, the “unsubscribe” link on one of promotions was clicked on and you will have to register with a new e-mail address to receive e-mails.

    Chris @ PCH

gail block said...

I like the smaller giveaway to help out more people come on one person 10 million to blow it on cars and big homes i would go for 10,000 here and 5,000 there 100,000 over there just for now that would be great

Vickie Plasterer said...

I saw the Video at the PCH Winning Moment site on-line.

I have seen other Videos where you have tracked down a winner at work and others as well.

I always wondered, “What If I am at the Doctor’s Office, or Grocery Shopping, will the Prize Patrol wait for me”?

I have my answer.

You Guys are ONE in a MILLION !

John Pelegrino said...


Kim Sullivan said...

I’m truly happy for Julie Laughlin’s winning big! She will have a happy stress free Christmas this year. PCH keep it up…you are helping a lot of people.

Mary Jo Laffoon said...

I’m sad to report that Kathy Feighner passed away unexpectedly on December 20, 2010 of a heart attack. She was indeed a wonderful person and I know she was so excited to be able to assist the Prize Patrol that day. We will miss her dearly.

roma hartman said...


Thank you so much for the video you sent to me, showing where J. Laughlin had won the million dollars. You all were so swet and I enjoyed meeting you all.

Marilyn Joan Hadey said...

Goodafternoon everyone, how has your weekend gone so far? Well I went a little bit shopping, for I have to use up my Foodstamps before the end of the month. But I did ask if I could come back to ShopRite, which is a Grocery Store, and the Deli Manager told me, that right now that they are on what you call a Frezze Hire. Meaning right now they are not hiring anyone. So again I am Bomb. Meaning that I am out of luck. But I still keep that DREAM, GOAL, & PLAN on my mind 24/7 days aweek. Like I always say, when GOD feels that it is my time to WIN, then i will WIN. THANKYOU, YOUR DEAR FRIEND marilynh89

Catherine Odisho said...

I know this a year old, but I really wonder how long of entering online did it really take for this big win? Months and months or YEARS and YEARS!? I know it’s a miracle that you can even win and being desperate to keep your home and stop the Utility companies shutting you off in Winter …. I need this so badly. I reply and reply and reply….. Hoping and praying and hoping….. So many need this and I need too! Can it REALLY HAPPEN?

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Catherine,

    Yes! Real people really do win. And by the way, the winners you see being surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol in our TV commercials are not actors but the actual people at the actual moment-of-winning.

    Victoria At PCH

Amdije/Amiee/ Toska said...

May 31 is my birthday- i hope i win- haha that would be a great gift but i highly doubt it, my life of 33 going on 34 yrs has been a curse since i was born so i higly doubt it will happen to me.

Marguerite Wright said...

Trick or treat! winning 1 million dollars would be the best Halloween treat for life for my family and I. Hope to see at my door on October 31st 2012. and good to all of you.

Michelle Jeter said...

i appreciate seeing all of the winners of the millions of dollars over the course of many years. However, I have never noticed any top winners in the inner cities. What is the process of your selection?

Let’s see someone really in need win. I am sure someone in the urban demographic area search the web through PCH and purchase magazines. This would also influence others to support your business.


Arlene Gibson said...

It is great to see someone receiving funds in a time of need.

anna hendrix said...

Waiting for that winning moment

ebony woodfork said...

She right on go julie

jowal palomino said...

Hi Danielle is me again I’M Huge fan of yours i will wait for you in my Birthday and all you guys are invite just knock my door and said happy birthday to me. i will be VERY VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU GUYS,and congratulations to Julie the winner from Michigan I’M happy for you and u family . like I said before PCH every years making Dreams come true and Brings happiness and of course I want to be one of the winners of PCH so I can help my family and people with cancer and other Disease I keep my FAITH AND I Believe in GOD .SO FANS keep playing because is REAL Publishers clearing house MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE .. IT CAN HAPPEN TO anyone of US , THANK YOU PCH AND THANK U TO Sarah S, Michael Collins and Deborah Holland