PCH’s $1 Million Sweepstakes Winner is from Michigan!

The PCH Prize Patrol was anxious to surprise the newest $1 Million Sweepstakes winner on November 30th in Grand Ledge Michigan.  We woke up bright and early to gather roses, champagne, balloons, the signature big check, and meet with local Michigan media in preparation for the much anticipated million dollar winning moment.  The way the morning began, you would have had no idea that this sweepstakes winner, who won with an online entry, would be so hard to track down!

The Prize Patrol arrived at Julie Laughlin’s house along with local media right on schedule.  Here we go!  The crowd rushed to the door with video cameras rolling ready to capture the big reaction, just to find that…Julie wasn’t home!  Moving on to plan B, the crowd knocked on a neighbor’s door looking for help in tracking her down.  Luckily, we met boisterous neighbor Kathy Feighner who was the perfect accomplice!  Kathy offered us a phone book to find relatives, gathered other neighbors for help, and her daughter even made us delicious hot chocolate as we waited in the cold!  After 2 hours of investigation filled with endless phone calls, dead ends, and a few hang ups, it was finally discovered that Julie was an hour away visiting a family member in the hospital.  Luckily, Julie’s son Ben convinced her to come home immediately.

After 3 hours of waiting in anticipation, the winning moment was finally here – Julie Laughlin pulled up to her house to find a crowd of family, friends, her grandchildren, neighbors,  cocker spaniel, and the Prize Patrol holding an oversized $1 Million Dollar Publishers Clearing House Check!  Julie was overwhelmed with emotion, crying tears of joy and hugging her loving family.  She told us that the money couldn’t have come at a better time as she was on the verge of losing her home!  Julie plans on using her newfound fortune by paying bills, paying her friend back who helped her financially last month and of course buying Christmas presents for her three beautiful grandsons. Once on the verge of losing her house in Grand Ledge Michigan, Julie Laughlin now has plans of adding on!

$1 million SuperPrize winner

Julie Laughlin was tough to get a hold of that day, but she certainly was worth the 3 hour chilly wait.  I personally was touched to see how deeply Julie was loved by her friends and family.  Everyone kept telling us that Julie Laughlin was special and the money couldn’t have gone to a nicer person, and I agree.  Her tearful winning moment reaction didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.  Thank you to all the friends and family who kept us warm with kindness (and hot chocolate) and helped us track down Julie in order to create this unforgettable Publishers Clearing House winning moment!  Congratulations Julie Laughlin!  We are proud to call you our newest sweepstakes millionaire winner!

Julie’s winning entry came from a Publishers Clearing House online email which you can receive by visiting www.pch.com.  Listen to Julie, our newest millionaire, who urges everyone to get on your computers and become an online sweepstakes participant at PCH.com. Maybe you can become the next big winner! You can see Julie Laughlin’s $1 Million winning moment video on PCHTV.com.


Danielle Lam

Prize Patrol Elite

42 thoughts on “PCH’s $1 Million Sweepstakes Winner is from Michigan!”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    Newest Winner of Natchitoches LA NBC is Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA

  2. Renee' Brown says:

    I am so so happy for Julie!!! I am looking forward to MY WIN! I will pay my back taxes on MY HOME & pay off MY Mommy’s home and the home of MY neighbor’s home for her & her children!!!!

  3. amber says:

    I am waiting on my winning moment to would b so wonderful

  4. Donna Render says:

    Wow! Glad to hear of Julie Laughlin of Grand Ledge, MI
    won one million dollars! I like to have a moment like this
    knowing that those dollars would be used for paying off
    bills like my garnishment, getting a larger home, helping
    to pay off an old college bill, helping my daughter with
    her college loan, paying off old doctor bills that is adding
    to worsening my credit score by the day. And a host of
    others wants that I have need of as well as meeting the
    needs of church, family, relatives, friends, organizations,
    foundations,etc. The day I get that check from PCH would be
    quite awesome! Never will I be tired of entering your PCH
    games, searches, contests, or hearing about the good fortune
    of people who need it and really can use it! So PCH players
    keep playing and keep winning!

  5. Monique Blackshear says:

    I wasn’t able to see this one but, just by the picture you can feel the love and joy! When you bless others and are always focused on being a blessing good things will always follow! Congrats to the family and I pray their enjoying every bit of it!

  6. jowal palomino says:

    Hi Danielle is me again I’M Huge fan of yours i will wait for you in my Birthday and all you guys are invite just knock my door and said happy birthday to me. i will be VERY VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU GUYS,and congratulations to Julie the winner from Michigan I’M happy for you and u family . like I said before PCH every years making Dreams come true and Brings happiness and of course I want to be one of the winners of PCH so I can help my family and people with cancer and other Disease I keep my FAITH AND I Believe in GOD .SO FANS keep playing because is REAL Publishers clearing house MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE .. IT CAN HAPPEN TO anyone of US , THANK YOU PCH AND THANK U TO Sarah S, Michael Collins and Deborah Holland

  7. ebony woodfork says:

    She right on go julie

  8. anna hendrix says:

    Waiting for that winning moment

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