Prize Prize Patrol Surprises Virginia Woman with Cash Sweepstakes Award!

PCH Cash Sweepstakes Winner D Guziejka

$10000 Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner is surprised by PCH Prize Patrol

What a surprise! A $10000 cash sweepstakes prize was delivered in a Lakeside office building by the PCH Prize Patrol.

This past Friday was a very lucky day for Donna Guziejka of Henrico, Virginia (a suburb just outside of Richmond). The PCH Prize Patrol surprised Donna at work with flowers, balloons and a Big Check for a cash sweepstakes award of $10,000! Click the link below to watch the video of D. Guziejka’s cash sweepstakes winning moment:

Video of D. Guziejka Cash Sweepstakes Winning Moment

With coworkers looking on to witness her winning moment, Guziejka stood momentarily speechless in the doorway of the office building. Overcome with surprise when she realized the Big Check from PCH had her name on it, Donna took a deep breath and brought her hand up to her mouth. “I’m shocked!” she finally gasped as the Prize Patrol asked how she felt. “Thank you very much! I cannot believe this!”

As it sank in, a huge smile lit up Donna’s face and her colleagues were happy to gather around to celebrate and congratulate her. “It’s real!” the cash sweepstakes prize winner exclaimed after admitting she wasn’t sure if all the Publishers Clearing House winners shown on TV were authentic. She’s a believer now.

PCH Cash Sweepstakes Winner D Guziejka_2

Although skeptical, Ms. Guziejka did enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes often, with both online sweepstakes entries and mail entries. “I enter every night, it’s the last thing I do every night … and at least once a week I mail something in,” she declared.

When asked what she would do with the money, Donna replied she’s thinking of a nice update for her kitchen.

Donna Guziejka’s winning moment was featured in her local paper, the Henrico Citizen. You can click on the following link to view it:

If Donna’s persistence paid off, perhaps yours can, too! Enter the PCH Sweepstakes for your chance to win cash sweepstakes prizes, or even our huge Million A Year For Life SuperPrize! It’s easy to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online at

Can you imagine your reaction if, on February 28th, the PCH Prize Patrol showed up at your doorstep with a super BIG Check for $1 Million A Year For Life? Would you gasp, be speechless, or shout out for joy? Let us know what you think YOUR winning moment would be like!

Deborah Holland PCH Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

P.S. – In addition to the chance to win a Million A Year For Life SuperPrize at, don’t forget to check out all the winning opportunities on our PCH family of websites this week! Here’s a list of some you won’t want to miss:

-Mon. 1/24: PCH Search & Win is giving away a $500 Travelocity Gift Card

-Wed. 1/26: PCHGames is hosting a Mahjongg Dimensions Tournament where you could win 10,000 tokens

-Fri. 1/28: PCH Search & Win is giving away 40″ LED-LCD HDTV plus other prizes

-Sat. 1/29: PCH Shop and Win is giving away $500 Fast Cash plus other prizes

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Cindy Bonneau said...

I loved the reactions of Donna’s co-workers! It is always so funny when they say they thought/other family members tell them they were wasting their time on PCH and they keep trying anyways and BINGO, they finally win anything in life you should never give up on your dreams.. Good for you Donna Guziejka! Hope you get your kitchen remodeled!

Vickie Plasterer said...


Persistence,Perseverance, Fortitude, Determination, Staying Power, or Which ever word you choose for yourself, you will get no where without possessing these traits when deciding to enter any and ALL of the Sweepstakes offerings Publishers Clearing House puts before us. Part of winning is LUCK, But even Luck gets you nowhere unless you complete and submit sweepstakes entries.

I know that most of us PCH FANS and Followers gear up for meeting the Prize Patrol on the day we know a BIG prize is to be awarded. As I have written before, I always make certain I am dressed all day, and that my living room is well kempt on the Day I know the Prize Patrol is out and about.
I don’t hesitate doing my grocery shopping or anything else I must do, or that I have scheduled to do, because I know that the PRIZE PATROL WILL FIND ME, if I am a winner. They have proven themselves in this area over and over again.

Nothing could offer more relief than to see the Prize Patrol at my front door. I have believed in the Prize Patrol for over 39 years now. It feels sort of like beliving in Santa Clause, just as I did when I was a young child, and with the same result. I did not always get what I wanted for Christmas, so I had to work on behaving myself that much more in order to gear up for next Christmas.

This is the way I approach my entries to the PCH sweepstakes as well. Did I miss any entry opportunities, Did I throw away any envelopes which I should have mailed back in? I don’t spend my life concentrating on winning PCH, after all there are a lot of things going on, such as visiting with my Grandchildren, or communiticating with Congress about issues that perhaps we can do something about. However, after having read all of the rules and sweepstakes information provided by PCH, I feel I know much more about how to increase my odds of winning. Now I do NOT miss an opportunity to enter. Even so, I know that the ODDS are not in any one person’s favor, regardless of how diligent a person might be in following through with every opportunity to enter. BUT, I also know that if I FAIL to follow through with an entry opportunity I could definetly be taking myself out of the runnig to win a prize; just that easily. I have learned to enjoy, and appreciate the FREE opportunites that are given each of us by PCH, to play games, make new friends and to purchase those items that I want to buy for myself, my husband, my Grand Kids, Brothers and Sisters (I have 7 sister d 2 brothers), nieces and nephews, IN-LAWS and friends. I am grateful to PCH for giving me a place to shop; and at reasonable prices and NOW FREE SHIPPING, since I can’t get out to do it myself very well anymore. PLUS I am grateful that I HAVE WON over $185.00 Dollars worth of Goods and CASH just for doing what I needed to do anyway, like using PCHSearchandWIN as my Powerful Search Engine and my PC HOME PAGE. DID GOOGLE or YAHOO ever give you a gift for using their search engines? I’ll bet not. I have been able to REDUCE my expendatures for gifts by doing ALL of my GIFT Shopping at How MANY REtailers let you WIN GIFT CERTIFCATES while you are shopping at their sites? Oh Sure they have coupons, and Promos, but So does SHOPandWIN, and IN ADDITION to the HOURLY Prizes. Look at SHOP and WIN TODAY and you will see a BAGLESS Hepa Filter UPRIGHT vacumn cleaner NORMALLY PRICED at $280.00 that YOU CAN BUY for $69.99 and GET FREE SHIPPING AND $10.00 more dollars off, by USING the PROMO CODE shown on
the HOME PAGE of This means you are getting a MORE THAN FANTASTIC SAVINGS on an EXPENSIVE ITEM, with TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY BUILT IN for ONLY $59.99 PLUS the SAVINGS you GET that YOU hardly EVER receive from other on-line retailers UNLESS you SPEND over $100 BUCKS or belong to one of their programs that you have to sign up for and pay a fee for. (SEARS has this program, PAY a $79.00 FEE every year and your shipping can be REDUCED or SOMETIMES FREE, or NOT reduced at all, DEPENDING on WHAT it is you buy. SHOPandWIN does not assess an annual fee, they simply put it out there for us. Last week and the week before there was NO MINIMUM which you had to buy in order to QUALIFY for FREE SHIPPING, and this week, sure you have to purchase a minimum of $50 of product, but THEY GIVE YOU $10.00 MORE DOLLARS OFF of the items you are purchasing, just for entering a PROMO CODE, which you do not have to HUNT for, puts it on the First PAGE and on the order pages as well. This is just like getting free shipping. Sweepstakes or NOT PCH is GOOD to their LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

Ok so I have said what I came to say. ENJOY DOING BUISNESS with PCH. If you have ever had to speak to PCH Customer Service, you know that you receive EXCELLENT SERVICE there as well.

I realize this is a long comentary, but before I sign off, Did ANY ONE ELSE happen to see that YESTERDAY was NATIONAL PIE DAY? I have noticed that PCH is giving us information such as this, every day, at the top of the PCHSEARCHandWIN HOME PAGE. The Day before that it was NATIONAL HUG DAY. This bit of information is fun to research just out of curiosity to see how it all began, and then to share with family and friends. It helps to create a little laughter in our lives, don’t you think so? I DO. Anyway, since I learned it was National Pie Day yesterday, I did a little research and found out ssome interesting and fun facts, which I will print here. In Addition, I was feeling a bit blue yesterday and this tidbit of information helped to lift my spirits. I ended up baking TWO pies yesterday, with a recipe that I sort of INVENTED along the way. I am going to share this with you too.
HAVE A NICE DAY and ENJOY EVERYTHING that PCH GIVES to US, out of respect for our Loyalty to them.

Thanks to PCHSearchandWIN I know that YESTERDAY was NATIONAL PIE DAY. How many of you saw this mentioned at the heading of the PCHSearchandWin Home page? I decided to research this National designation and found the following. On March 12, 2009, Congress did designate a NATIONAL PI DAY . National PI DAY is observed on March 14, because of the Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes’ first rough approximation of π as being 3.14. Pi Day is in recognition of anything math related. Teachers are encouraged to take this day to emphasize the importance of math to school children everywhere. There are games and contest organized that are all mathematics centered.

YESTERDAY’S DATE was different IT WAS National PIE Day and is NOT a Congressionally approved National day of recognition, and was Created by the American Pie Council®. National Pie Day is dedicated to the celebration of pie. As part of our American heritage, this day is a perfect opportunity to pass on the love and enjoyment of pie eating and pie making to future generations.

Following my Reading about the National Pie Council I was encouraged to bake a pie or two Yesterday. This all began with my first seeing what PCH had published on my PCHSearchandWin Home Page.. I will share my recipe with you. By the way, I am USING my PYREX 9X 13 Casserole Dish and Mixing bowls, which I know is STILL AVAILABLE in LIMITED QUANTITY. at SHOPandWIN . When I bought mine I SAVED a BUNDLE. I won another E-GIFT CERTIFICATE as an hourly prize winner YESTERDAY. I am beginning to think I am the ONLY shopper ON-LINE I win so many prizes at SHOPandWIN and at varying times during the day and night.

With our weather being so NASTY COLD and Dangerously ICY, there is NO way I will leave my home; due to the risk of falling and breaking or perhaps re-breaking another bone. Therefore, my pie recipe is a bit unusual, as I made up the ingredients to use as I went along,; using items I had on hand. (I am an inventive cook)
These PIES turned out to be some of my BEST, most CREAMY, SWEET Pumpkin PIES I’ve ever made. I don’t even like pumpkin pie, but these are so good, I think I’ll change the name to CHEESUMPKIN PIE. I added the cheesecake just to see what it would taste like and even though I say so myself, I have come up with an AMAZINGLY SCRUMPTIOUS PIE DESSERT, even without adding whipped cream on top.


2 UNBAKED Ready made Deep Dish Pie Crust (Pillsbury or your favorite kind)
Keep the Pie Crust in the Freezer until ready to fill
Or make your own Pie Crust, However the brand I mentioned Tastes REALLY good, and is so much easier, less messy, and faster too.
1 FRESH SUGAR PUMPKIN * (or 2 cups of canned pumpkin),
The fresh tastes so much better, but work with what you have)

Instructions for preparing your FRESH Pumpkin

WASH the outside of your pumpkin with ONLY plain cool water (no soap)
then DRY with paper towels.
Saw (CUT) your Pumpkin in half, remove the seeds and the stringy stuff
Save the seeds to make YUMMY Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.
Place your pumpkin halves, pulp side up, in a 9X13 Glass casserole dish, pour 3/4 cup of water into the bottom of the pan, cover tightly with plastic wrap and place in your Microwave, COOK for 30 minutes at 70% power. **
When 100% fork tender, remove from Microwave and drain the water out of the HOT ! PAN (be careful). Your cooked pumpkin pulp should have broken away from the hard outside shell and you should be able to empty the pulp from the shell by turning them over into the pan (as long as there is NO water remaining in the pan).
Gently scrape any remaining very soft pulp out of the shell into your pan, and let it cool to room temperature. (Place the Empty pumpkin shell into your compost bin for next year’s garden, if you garden. I do and I even grow my own sugar pumpkins, very easy crop to grow)

Now that your pumpkin is ready, lets begin with the rest of the items you will need for the PUMPKIN Filling

NOW Pre-heat your oven to 350 Degrees and place a cookie sheet (large enough to hold two pies), in the oven to heat up as well.

USE at LEAST 2 Cups Prepared (cooked) Fresh Pumpkin; you can use up to three cups of Fresh Pumpkin following the same recipe, (or 2 cups canned pumpkin)
1/2 cup Liquid French Vanilla Flavored Coffee Creamer (Coffee Mate Liquid) ***
1/2 cup FIRMLY PACKED Dark Brown Sugar ****
1 cup Granulated Sugar ****
2 Eggs
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon *****
1/4 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg*****
1/4 Teaspoon Ground Ginger*****

Place your cooked and cooled Fresh Pumpkin in a medium sized bowl. (I use my Glass Pyrex Bowls)
Using a Dinner fork, mash and stir the pumpkin until it is smooth.
When the lumps are all gone, stir in the Vanilla Coffee Creamer Liquid
Add the sugars one at a time, gently stirring to mix together
Add the eggs, then using a wire Whisk, whisk for one minute.
Now add your three spices (OR the pumpkin pie spice)
Whisk for one more minute; cover with a dish towel or a paper towel, and set aside while you prepare the Cheese cake mixture

(2) 8 oz ounce packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (not softened)
1/2 cup granulated sugar ****
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Orange Marmalade ******

Place the Cream Cheese Blocks in a mixing bowl
Add the sugar and mix (w electric hand mixer) beginning with low speed, until the Cream cheese begins to mix well with the sugar, then turn to High speed and mix for two minutes.
Add the Marmalade and mix, on medium speed, until mixed thoroughly.

Let’s Build these Pies

Get your Unbaked Pie Crust from the freezer. Pour 1/2 of the Cream Cheese, Cheese cake mixture into the bottoms of EACH pie crust.

Using a small measuring cup, 1/3 cup size, fill the cup and begin to pour the pumpkin pie mixture near the center of the pie pan,on top of the cheese cake mixture, making sure to use no more than 1/2 of the mixture in each pie crust..

When you are through adding the pumpkin mixture to each pie crust, there should be an approximate 1 to 2 inch Cheese cake ring nearest the edges of the pie crust and the pumpkin in the center, circled by the cheese cake ring. Make certain your pies are level and even on the top.

If your oven temperature is 350 degrees, go ahead and place the pies in the oven, on the cookie sheets. Set your bake timer or alarm clock for 50 minutes. Your pies will absolutely be done by then. Sometimes the pies cook faster depending on your oven SO, Check the pies at 45 minutes and again at 50 minutes. If the crust is all nice and golden color and the Cheese cake is beginning to turn slightly light tan, your pies are probably done by then. Gently touch the center of one pie and if it feels somewhat firm, remove your pies to a cooling rack. Cool for 30 minutes and then chill in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours. Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream or Orange Sherbet, or Whipped Cream.

* A SUGAR PUMPKIN looks like a small full grown pumpkin; however it is a small, sweet pumpkin; usually 8 to 9 inches tall and about 8 inches around its center. and is found in most large Grocery Store Produce sections. Or at a Farmers Market

** You can also bake the Pumpkin in your oven, covering your pan with aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap, and bake at 375* for I hour ,or when you insert a fork into the pulp it is completely soft and tender.

***Or use 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract and 1/2 CUP of Half and Half

**** To reduce some calories, substitute sugars with Splenda White and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

***** IF you do not have these spices on hand you may substitute the three spices listed with 1 1/4 TEASPOON PUMPKIN PIE SPICE It tastes a little better with the individual spices listed, but Pumpkin Pie Spice will work in a pinch.

****** Or Substitute with 3/4 Teaspoon of Tang Powdered Juice Mix and add an
Additional Tablespoon of granulated sugar or Splenda, or 1 Teaspoon frozen Orange Juice Concentrate (Not Diluted)

Vickie P

    Linda Giannone said...

    Hi Vicky,
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your
    experiences with PCH. I really enjoyed reading your post.
    I love pumpkin pie and cheese cake! So this combination should be delicious! Your recipe will be added to my recipe box! Should I use the name you have mentioned in your post? Or should I call it “Vicky’s Pie!”
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Linda G.
    Richboro, Pa.

Maureen Sousa said...

1st Congrats to Donna!!!Glad to see that you are no longer a sceptic!!! I believe your Mom is watching over you!!

It is hard to tell what my 1st reaction would be.. you can imagine it, but emotions are emotions.. & come on suddenly..when things really happen..

But I would probably just cry!! as I am an old softy & cry at everything!! ( as my family tells me) Happy, Sad, emotional, you name it..I cry..

I cry happy tears just watching the reactions of the winners on your pch videos.. feeling so very happy for them..
So Yes.. I would probably cry happy tears..till I got my composure back.


Michael Rolle said...

Im a bit, shy in front of the Camera’s but winning this Amazing Prize would be and Amazing Moment for Me and MY FAMILY, MY Reactions would be RESPECTFUL? With Gratitude of Thanks and Happieness.

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol said...

Congratulations Donna and welcome to the PCH Sweepstakes winner family :)

Nancy Sexton said...

Wow!! So CLOSE to OUR home here (just around the corner from us, KINDA!)!! Maybe next time, right Danielle?? We certainly HOPE so!!
We live just east of Lakeside less than a mile!
Congrats to Donna also!!
Meantime, we’re looking forward to that PCH visit!!
God Bless you PCH and the Patrol team!!

Maureen Sousa said...

Thanks Vickie for the recipes,
I will try them when I have time..


gail block said...

same states always hae winners as always

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Gail,

    We have had prize winners in every state. At Publishers Clearing House our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased and is conducted by independent auditors and Giveaway Supervisors. We have no way of determining who our winners may be or where they may come from. If you’d like to see a list of our recent winners and their locations, please visit and click on the “Winners Circle” link near the bottom of the page. Best of luck!

    Rod @ PCH

Maureen Sousa said...

Hey Gail,
I guess you are NOT out from under those covers yet!!!!

Young ones have to learn sometimes the hard way!!

YOU did not win… I did not win.. but be Glad for the winner..!!!! as she looks very deserving for this gift..
working at her age with a cane & a brace on her hand!!!!

Read the Bible sometime… Do not be envious of thy neighbors goods!!

You seem to be just sitting waiting for all this to come to you..

I know it is tough in today’s economy with no work for so many.. but I think that is a problem with the big corporates who sent all their jobs elsewhere for less money.. shame on them.. but someday it may all bite them in the butt when America becomes one of the 3rd world contries..
But in the meantime we have to keep our faith in our coutry & in ourselves..

I am much older than you & lost my job to the recession a while back….but I bit the bullet & am now working at the same place that I started out when I was in high school in a grocery store, making minimum wage just to survive.. at my age there were no other jobs open..

I am not scolding you,,, but just want you to get more positive, rather than sitting under those covers complaining that you still have not won…

My Best,

Maureen Sousa said...

One other note Gail,

And again I am not scolding you… I know you are from this NEW generation…

When I started enterning PCH way back when with my mother.. I did it by mail.

We had NO idea whoever won ANY sweepstakes… We just entered & waited to see on that that day if we won… that was it…!!!

If it did not happen .. it did not happen.. then we would try again… We NEVER KNEW WHO WON. EVER!!!!.Unless we decided we wanted to ask for the winners file or something like that… We never did ask since they never came to our house so we knew we did not win.. So we started all over again….There was not as much communication as there is today on the internet as to say the next day who has won…

Maybe that is why I am more at ease with this whole game than you are…but PLEASE try to get a bit more positive with yourself & your life..


Maureen Sousa said...

Hi Vickie,]
I have our best freinds who own a farm who do a pumpkin patch event every fall..

I am looking forward to doing your recipe in hope of helping them with some more revenue..


Linda Giannone said...

Congratulations Donna!
PCH is for REAL! Donna certainly proved it to me just by watching her “Winning Moment!”
Congratulations and enjoy your new kitchen! I’m so happy for her! Way to go Donna!
Linda G.
Richboro, Pa.

Gina said...

Here’s a little Diddy that will surely make you smile, if you dream and dream and pray and wish a miracle could happen for you…enter, enter, enter every single day, wish upon the stars above for luck to come to you…

I could a little miracle to change my whole world….

we are desperate, we are going to lose everything..

our home…

and to top it off I lost my job as a Teacher and my dear Beloved 78 years “young” Mother has stage 4 lung cancer…

we pray

we pray

we hope

for a little miracle


pch there was a time when i lived in a van out behind a bar and a cupple took me in and gave me food and a worm place to stay i will never forget that for as long as i live. and that is why i feel like it is important for me to wont to give back something to others in need. mabe that is why i try so hard to win these things thats why it would truly be a blessing. your friend and god bless you for letting me try and giving me the currage thank you.



Rebecca Ambrose said...

I’m looking forward to being surprised by the prize patrol.

Paula Creed said...

Im very happy for the newest winner! It must feel like a dream come true. I would love to win, as I don’t have a home, 48 and a child that wants to go to college. I still try to believe in dreams..but having a home, a real home that no one can take away..that would be my dream..for me and my two of which is in the Marine Corp. I haven’t seen him in over a year and money is always the hold up. I know everyone has their own stories! I am still blessed, but would love the opportunity to help my family, especially my one sister who has been such a loving friend during my struggles. I would help my community, as the kids here need a place clean to mingle so desperately. I have dreams..and I know I could do something useful for so many. You just don’t realize what homeless means, until you’ve experienced it for yourself. While I don’t need a mansion, I would love to have a “home” for my kids. That would be a true Christmas gift!! I keep my eyes set on God and His path is the only path for me. God bless all the winners that they would help it forward! Thank you PCH for making some peoples dream real!!! Merry Christmas!!

Tina Reigle said...

How is pch able to giveaway so much money??? How do you know if your entries were accepted???